Okay, humor me on the title of this one…

Our  nation leading sixth Bike Miami Days turned out to be the best yet, with thousands of Bike lovin’, orange wearin’, livable street advocatin’ Miamians enjoying the day. Highlights are numerous, including the unveiling of two new art racks, a rally featuring nearly a thousand orange clad participants, the raffle and bike decorating contest, and the parade itself conducted in honor of the events co-host, the Dutch Consulate and their annual Queen Beatrix celebration.

From here, I will let the pictures tell the story. Thanks again, and as always, to Mayor Diaz, the City of Miami, Eleven Leprechauns, and the scores of volunteers for making Bike Miami Days a reality. Also a special thanks to Kathryn Moore in the Mayor’s office who, month in and month out, is the tireless purveyor/architect of all things Bike Miami Days.






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10 Responses to Bike Miami Days a Six-Cess!

  1. Ellen says:

    Pretty photos; great day even though I didn’t win a bike…Mike, is your DPZ e-mail address still good?


  2. Mike Lydon says:

    Good until the 15th of May…use the urbanplanner45@hotmail.com to reach me.


  3. Leah says:

    Beautiful day, lovely bikes, big success! Personally, I think the Grove was an ideal location.


  4. Ben says:

    It is great to see more people out on Bikes in Miami on a regular basis at these events. Hopefully we can get some more of us to help make Miami a more ride-able and walkable city on more than just the Bike Miami Days (which are great!!) but the real change will be when more are choosing bikes to go to work, shop, the cafe, to school. Let’s get people out of their cars. Great job on getting the city thinking about an alternative to driving and also using the great outdoors we all have in Miami. Keep it up Miami.


  5. Dina Weinstein says:

    I biked to Coconut Grove yesterday from Coral Gables with my husband, two boys and our neighbors. We were three adults and four kids decked out in orange for the Bike Miami event. It was wonderful. Thank you to the City of Miami for organizing these Bike Miami Days. It was an enjoyable morning. The activities were very appropriate as was the beautiful setting.
    We are the only family that bikes the two miles regularly to my sons’ school through Coral Gables, South Miami and Pinecrest. We keep off the streets and on the sidewalk because we feel safer there. We appreciate your efforts to create the infrastructure to make cycling safe for adults and children in Miami. The drivers are very aggressive so I appreciate that you are working or at least have consulted with the Dutch. In Holland cyclists have their own lanes and don’t have to fear cars. I love biking for the exercise. Miami’s wonderful weather means we can do this year-round. I laud the City of Miami for having organized Bike Miami.


  6. Mike Lydon says:

    Dina, thank you for the wonderful feedback. I will make sure to pass this along to all of the appropriate people at the City of Miami. Your continued support means that these events will be able to continue long into the future. If you have not yet done so, please relay a similar message to the City of Coral Gables who has a long way to go in becoming more bicycle friendly.


  7. UBC Mum says:

    Is that new bike rack really in the middle of the bike path?


  8. Mike Lydon says:

    No, it’s on the sidewalk.


  9. UBC Mum says:

    The sidewalk is the Commodore Bike Trail.


  10. […] The Hindu placed an observative post today on Bike Miami Days a Six-Cess!Here’s a quick excerpt…thanks to Kathryn Moore in the Mayor’s office who, month in and month out, is the tireless purveyor/architect of all things Bike Miami Days. […]


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