3 Responses to Bike Miami Days PSA

  1. Anyoneofus says:

    I love it.


  2. WalterC says:

    I observe that many bikers systematically break traffic regulations, especially riding through red lights. They, of course, join many drivers who do the same. Bikers (and drivers) need education on this terrible practice. Please help and use any opportunity to promote this education.


  3. Mike Lydon says:

    Indeed, they do Walter. Education is a critical component, and civil behavior from both camps is sorely needed. One thing worth noting is that most laws put bicycles and cars as equals on the road, so that they follow the same set of rules. That is good in principal, but we all know operating a bicycle is far different from driving. The State of Idaho figured this out in the early 1980s by passing a law that allows bicyclists in certain situations to treat stop signs and lights as “yield” signs. What this effectively does is
    a) prioritize bicycle travel (a good thing)
    B) Reduced conflicts at red lights
    C) trusts that bicyclists can make accurate decisions on when to cross the street.

    All reports show bicycle safety has no lessened in the state, and that motorists now expect that a cyclist or two may roll through a stop sign, whereas they must wait.

    The State of Oregon is now considering a similar law.

    In the end, education is critical, but so to is recognizing that bicycles aren’t motor vehicles.


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