It’s that time of year again, folks . . . Time to give yourself a break from the self-imposed captivity of the automobile and reintroduce yourself to that two-wheeled stallion eagerly waiting to transport you to wherever your heart desires (and, in this case, even that place you may not wish to be: work).

Friday, May 18 is National Bike to Work Day!

In fact, this entire week (May 14 – May 18) is National Bike to Work Week, one of many events being held in celebration of National Bike Month. (Here in Florida, our official Bike Month is celebrated in March.)

The City of Miami’s Bicycle Coordinator, Mr. Collin Worth, has done a great job organizing some group rides for Bike to Work Day. At least two group rides have been planned for commuters working in the City of Miami.

The first ride starts in Coral Gables and ends downtown in the Health District (click on the link for route map and details):

ROUTE #1: Coral Gables to the Health District via the M-Path

Start Location: University Metrorail Station

Start Time: 7:00am

Stop Location: Health District

Stop Time: 7:40-8:00am (depending on group comfort level)

Total Distance: ~9 miles

The second ride starts in Miami Beach and ends in Coconut Grove (click on the link for route map and details):

ROUTE #2: Miami Beach to Coconut Grove via the Venetian Causeway

Start Location: South Point Park

Start Time: 7:00am

Stop Location: Coconut Grove

Stop Time: ~7:50-8:10am (depending on group comfort level)

Total Distance: ~12 miles

And, of course, any rider wishing to join can simply meet-up with the groups anywhere along the way . . .

So break from the routine of stop-and-go traffic and miserable motorists. Hop on that bike of yours and get to work in style, with a cool breeze in your face as the sun rises to what will certainly be a very non-routine day. It could very well change your life . . .


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6 Responses to Bike to Work Day 2012

  1. TransitDave says:

    This just in from the world future society, predicting the top trends of the next 25 years, at number 13:

    The future is full of bicycles. Bike use is increasing around the world, as evidenced by the creation of bike trails, rising popularity of bike tours, and more doctors encouraging their elderly patients to bike for exercise.

    Implications: Biking is seen as an easy, inexpensive solution to a large number of interrelated problems. As the world continues urbanizing, people’s health will increasingly suffer from environmental pollution and from sedentary lifestyles that do not allow for enough physical activity. Meanwhile, resource depletion will accelerate. Local transportation systems that encourage biking and walking could be a powerful antidote to these harmful trends.


  2. Matthew Toro says:

    TransitDave: I could not agree more!


  3. Ian Cooper says:

    Let’s face it - Bike to Work Day is a sham - it’s a day for motorists to pretend they’re cyclists for one day a year. I don’t want to have anything to do with that. If that many motorists really want to be cyclists, all they have to do is cycle more often than they drive - it’s that simple. One day a year not only doesn’t cut it - it’s a shameful and disgusting embarrassment! For a cyclist like me to participate would be a betrayal of what I believe cycling is - a lifestyle, not merely a holiday. I’m tired of the posing that goes on at this event. I refuse to be counted among the charlatans.

    I am calling for Bike to Work Day to be renamed the “Motorists’ Day of Cycling” (which is what it SHOULD be called).

    I will walk my commute tomorrow. My bike will stay in the garage, safe from any association with the poseurs.


  4. Matthew Toro says:

    Mr Cooper:

    I read your lamentable comment as I wait at University Metrorail station to rendezvous with those wishing to join me on our commute to the downtown Miami Health District.

    The underlying point of Bike to Work Day is not to celebrate those who already ride to work, but rather to encourage those who have not partaken in the experience to expose themselves to the oft underrated, unnecessarily overcomplicated, neglected benefits of riding to work.

    Kudos to anyone who already knows the joy and freedom of doing so. I hardly think any one who tries it for the first time warrants the designation ‘poseur’. Frankly, it’s that kind of elitist (and minority) bicyclist attitude that alienates new riders from joining the ranks, the same attitude that perpetuates the antagonism on our streets between motorists and cyclists.

    No one can ever become a regular bike commuter without trying it for the first time. National Bike to Work Day gives people a non-intimidating, supportive means by which to give it a try.

    People like you should be out there on your bike supporting and encouraging newbies, especially your own coworkers, not knocking them because they’re trying something new . . .


  5. Meghan says:

    This is fantastic. I work in homestead today, maybe we can get some bike stuff going on out there soon. Great job!


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