Brickell Green Space, the grassroots movement for increased public space and parkland in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood released some exiting new renderings of their proposed space.

Rendering for the proposed space along the Miami River. Currently, the lot is vacant with no immediate development plans.

Brickell Green Space is a project headed up by Mark Schrieber to raise awareness and garner public support for a park in Brickell. Through the project’s website, supporters can sign an online campaign, which already has over 500 signatures.

From the project’s website:

The proposed Miami River park location aligns with several previous published master plans and studies. The City of Miami Parks Master Plan, created back in 2007, identified the need for a neighborhood park between Mary Brickell Village and the Miami River. In order to help illustrate our concept better two local Miami landscape architecture firms, WalkLAUD and TrudStudio, recently teamed up to create a conceptual design for this riverfront location.

The website also lists a series of compelling reasons why this site should be converted into a park.

  • As undeveloped land has all but disappeared from the urban core of Miami, Brickell stands to lose the most from rampant overdevelopment.
  • With the highest residential density in Miami, Brickell has a lower parkland per 1,000 residents than the City average, which is already amongst the lowest in the USA for cities of it’s size.
  •  If Miami doesn’t fill this critical need for more public space, the neighborhood’s livability and quality of life will decrease. This could result in disinvestment and reduced appeal for residents and business to invest in the Brickell and Downtown areas.

Currently, the project aims to generate awareness and add signatures to their movement through social media channels (on Facebook and Twitter)  and events held at local businesses. An ultimate goal of the project would be to have a developer buy the space and adopt their plans for a park as a means of protecting and enhancing their neighborhood investments in other properties. Swire Properties, who is developing the massive Brickell Citi Centre across the street from this site, is perhaps the most obvious player that comes to mind.

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8 Responses to Brickell Green Space Project Releases Conceptual Plans

  1. The proposed space is directly across river from historic Fort Dallas Park. Imagine the pedestrian/ water connections between the CBD! - Historic Downtown Miami and Brickell!

    Fort Dallas Park is an important historic site and has languished for far too long.


  2. Matthew Toro says:

    Indeed, T. Neil Fritz, Miami itself was formerly Fort Dallas!

    The proposed Brickell greenspace would be a superb park destination along the Miami River Greenway.

    Imagine flying a kite with the winds along the river . . . or holding a picnic along the river with one’s future wife or husband. Miami truly could be paradise . . .

    It will also be great when children, families, and all citizens can take strolls along south side of the river to the historic Miami Circle via the stalled Miami River Greenway path that will (eventually, hopefully) cut beneath the Brickell Bridge.


  3. I’m thinking gondola rides and small ferry connecting the two parks. Maybe someday a pedestrian bridge.

    In Fort Dallas Park, demolition of Bijan’s shed. Celebration of the Royal Palm Cottage.

    From the park, bike/pedestrian connection to Flagler Street historic district along 1st Avenue.


  4. Matthew Toro says:

    Gondola rides would be great!

    Just to be clear, though, my friend: Fort Dallas Park is a bit up the river from the proposed site of the Brickell Greenspace, at least the primary Miami River site.

    The primary site is indeed located on the south side of the river (while Fort Dallas Park is on the north / west-facing side), but more downstream nearer to the river’s mouth just east of the South Miami Avenue bridge. (It’s nearer, actually, to the former William English slave plantation, the original site for the Fort Dallas slave quarters / army barracks.)

    One would need less than a third of a mile under the Metromover track and Brickell Bridge to get to the Miami Circle from the primary site of the proposed Brickell Greenspace.

    The whole Brickell Greenspace initiative has lots of proposed sites, though, a couple of which are indeed located directly across the river from Fort Dallas!

    A whole network of Miami River parks connected by a gondola or ferry service would be awesome!

    It’d be a dream-come-true if all of that land identified by the Brickell Greenspace initiative went towards the greater public good to make our city more livable!


  5. Fort Dallas Park IS the original site of the William English (Julia Tuttle) properties directly across the river from the proposed site. You may be thinking of Lummus Park where the slave quarters are now located.

    Fort Dallas Park is site of the Royal Palm Cottage and Bijan’s. Too long neglected, this historic site should be improved and Bijan’s demolished. This could provide a wonderful north of the River compliment to proposed Brickell Green Space and introduce an exciting new Brickell/CBD Historic Downtown Miami connection.


  6. Matthew Toro says:

    I was thinking of the slave quarters, Mr. Fritz, thank you for the correction; you have my apologies for the mistake.

    I’ve only been to Bijan’s once (when I think it was called something else(?)) and it was several years ago. It was pretty dead when I went too.

    Is there any historical significane to Bijan’s?


  7. Matthew Toro says:

    I was thinking of the slave quarters, Mr. Fritz, thank you for the correction; you have my apologies for the mistake.

    I’ve only been to Bijan’s once (when I think it was called something else(?)) and it was several years ago. It was pretty dead when I went too.

    Is there any historical significance to Bijan’s?


  8. No, Bijan’s is the result of some lease deal in the past, as I understand.

    The park is a very important place, and can’t you just imagine boating between Brickell and the CBD - park to park?


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