According to this South Florida Business Journal article, developer Tibor Hollo will lease 2 acres of prime development land to the City of Miami. Located at 1201 Brickell Bay Drive, Hollo will lease the undeveloped bayside lot for the whopping sum of $1 a year. In return, the City will landscape the lot and provide benches for what will be called Hollo Park.

While usable green space is badly needed in Brickell, and Hollo should be commended for what Commissioner Sarnoff calls “thinking outside the box,” I sure hope the developer knows what they are getting themselves into. That is to say, if this park is even remotely successful and enjoyed by Brickell’s growing number of residents, it could become a political battle once the development market returns and Hollo moves to make Hollo Park “Hollo on The Bay,” or “Hollo Haven.”
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Thanks to Kathryn Moore for the tip.

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13 Responses to Brickell Receives New Park…For Now

  1. Andy says:

    And what of Transit Miami’s proposal for those green spaces on SW 8th street near Tobacco Road? Pipe-dream, or is that possible?


  2. mike lydon says:

    At this point, it’s a pipe dream because it is privately held land…however, if the owner gets a surge of civic mindedness then who knows…they could go the route of Tibor, but I doubt it.


  3. Tony Garcia says:

    That land was recently bought by the developers of Brickell Key, so theoretically the city can make a deal with them similar to the ‘Hollo Park’ deal. Then again there is always the possibility of an eminent domain move, which probably has never been done for park space in an urban center. (Oh yeah, I said the ‘e’ word!)


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