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We posted a map of residential land-use in Miami-Dade last week. Here’s one illustrating commercial use throughout the county.

Commercial Land-Use in Miami-Dade County, Florida -- 2013. Source: Matthew Toro

Commercial Land-Use in Miami-Dade County, Florida — 2013. Source: Matthew Toro

What patterns, if any, do you see here? Where would you like to see more commercial development take place?

It’s been a rough week with the site being down, but we’re glad to be finally back up and running and can’t wait to dive back into action. We’ll be working out the kinks over the next few days or so…

Let’s end the week on a lighthearted note, with images of Sony’s recent “Spring Cleaning” of Downtown Miami:

Via A Welsh View

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Continuing on our commercial focus, is buying car insurance an ecologically friendly decision? Geico seems to think so. Insure your car with Geico and they make a donation to support wildlife conservation. Imagine that? Who knew your 15 mpg SUV could provide funds to conserve wildlife? Give me a break…

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For the next few weeks, Metro Monday will take a new, commercial direction discussing some of the subtle daily reminders of auto-centric life.

In this Farmers Insurance ad, we witness a businesswoman hitch a ride to work on a garbage truck, on the roof of other vehicles, and with a mounted policeman. Aside from the absurd creativity behind this ad, there is the underlying notion that without a vehicle, mobility is impossible. Farmers isn’t that far off though, they’re promoting the likely scenario of a solitary option of transportation in her suburban neighborhood. Notice the absence of sidewalks. Public Transit doesn’t work in these settings…

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