4 Responses to Documentary: Right To Wynwood-Gentrification through Art

  1. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    What kind of propaganda is this?


  2. IvoSan says:

    Florida will never change.
    When sandy keys and swampy innerlands are over, is time for the inner city to be prey of developers.

    This time art has been the catalyst. Actually, more like a corporate fig leaf, but people fell for it.

    Nest time could be transit, you know. Look at Earlington Heights, for example. Close to train and highway and airport, with easy access to the beach as well. Sooner or later a developer will buy all those poor houses for a dime, get rid of the african american community and build condos.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Already happening… Look at the land around Culmer metrorail station.


  4. gregory says:

    You all act like development is a bad thing, so those areas should just stay ghettos. How about no.


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