The Miami Herald is reporting that the FDOT Port of Miami tunnel project will break ground in June. FDOT currently has three megaprojects in the works in South Florida. Check out the FDOT video plugging the Port of Miami tunnel project.  From the looks of it pedestrians and bicyclists were not considered in the design of the port tunnel/MacArthur Causeway.

FDOT Megaprojects:

  • $1 billion Port of Miami tunnel project
  • $1.7 billion Miami Intermodal Center near Miami International Airport
  • $1.8 billion reconstruction of Interstate 595 in Broward County.

It’s sad to see that FDOT has money to spend on theses megaprojects, yet it can’t come up with money for bike lanes on Sunset Drive. This goes to show where their priorities lie.

In other news, the US Military is warning that by 2015 oil demand will outstrip supply bringing us one step closer to peak oil. Perhaps FDOT should spend their money more wisely on projects which do not depend on cheap oil.

4 Responses to FDOT Megaprojects, Bike Lanes, and Peak Oil

  1. Ellen says:

    If oil runs out, all current motorized lanes will be bike lanes, eh? We cyclists are just a little ahead of our time.


  2. UDB says:

    I’d love to move the $1.8 billion for I-595 (holy cow that’s alot of dough to rebuild a sprawl inducing hellhole) to passenger rail on the FEC.


  3. Bagel Eater says:

    You did forget to include the South Florida Easto Coast Corridor Study in your list.

    That project, valued at over $1 billion, will bring a modern transit system to the tri-county area and encourage smaller, urban public transit systems to spring up in the downtown areas of our cities. All this within the next 10 years!

    Learn more at:


  4. […] truck traffic out of Miami’s downtown streets and onto the highway. With funding in place, the port tunnel quietly broke ground in the summer of 2010, finally bringing the 20+ year old concept into reality. The 1 mile tunnel will link Dodge and […]


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