Transit Miami reader Stephen Malagodia has created a Twitter hashtag called “Tri-rail.” Those with Twitter accounts can now give and receive updates on a train’s status by simply telling Twitter to “follow hashtags”. Then tweet “#tri-rail <your message>. Users will then receive updates from other riders. Although this will only work if other riders participate, it promises to be a helpful tool for those riding the rails. So start tweeting tri-railers, and let us know how it goes.
If you need more help with hashtags, go to
Thanks to Stephen for taking the initiative.

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7 Responses to Follow Tri-Rail on Twitter

  1. Mike Lydon says:

    Has anyone tried this yet?!


  2. I started tweeting using the #tri-rail hash tag when an accident happened on Sunday night (11/05/11) because my friend’s teenage son was headed Southbound to Sheridan Street station, but never arrived because trains were delayed.
    Her son’s cellular was not working and she could not reach him. So I tried to tweet to ask passengers to provide updates, but only 1 person tweeted a very general message to ‘expect delays’.
    What’s needed is more participation from people, but most of all, Tri-Rail itself should set up a Twitter account and provide instant updates for emergencies like this accident that happened tonight.
    Many parents are worried and it’s ashamed that Tri-Rail only provides information that helps them to make money and does not offer instant news for passengers and families who may be waiting at stations to pick up their children.


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