• The Related Group of Florida is planning the Loft 4 Affordable Housing Condo for downtown Miami. The 404 units in the 35 story tower would be priced starting at $130,000! The best part yet? The building would feature no parking. Truly Urban Living is coming to the heart of the CBD for a change…
    • “If not for this type of concept, you wouldn’t be able to build because you can’t build parking” cost effectively, said Oscar Rodriguez, who heads Related’s affordable division. “That lends itself to more competitive pricing.”
  • Say goodbye to the HOV lanes on I-95. FDOT is working to bring “express” toll lanes to I-95 by 2008. Instead of the one HOV lane, the already gargantuan highway will be repainted to feature narrower 11 foot lanes, two of which will be designated for “express” toll use only. This plan allows users to buy themselves out of the hassles of finding people to carpool with. It’s a total cop out for FDOT and a massive waste of money. Never mind the fact that we wasted $17 Million to install a ramp metering system that was never used, let alone properly analyzed before it was installed. On the plus side, express buses will now run smoother along the corridor, question is, will anyone use them?
  • A US Senate committee rejected Homestead as a possible site for the US Southern Command HQ, currently stationed in Doral. SoCom will remain in Doral in an expanded facility for the next 50 years, at least…
  • Paddy Wagons and Cyclists, you know there is a critical mass happening when you see them together. Despite their best efforts, Miami’s second critical mass, wasn’t exactly too massive: 15 cyclists. Even with the low turnout, Miami Police decided to harass the cyclists, following their every move along the streets of downtown and keeping their beams on them until the group dispersed…
  • Inaccessible Parks. Enough Said. Most local parks are rendered useless to most of us anyway because of their poor designs, maintenance, and integration with their surroundings, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to me to see that they aren’t even ADA accessible…
  • Check out what some properly designed bus benches, news stands, and restrooms do for the public spaces of NYC. Designed by Grimshaw Architects, the same firm hired to design Miami’s new Science Museum, the new citywide structures are built out of 95% recycled material…
  • Congratulations to Alesh for winning the Miami New Times’ best website of 2007 and Rick/Alex for winning Broward/Palm Beaches Best Blog Awards…
  • HSR…Where is the US? Touting an Acela Express that averages less than 60 mph…Pathetic…

4 Responses to Friday Headlines

  1. Collin says:

    As a rider on the original Miami critical mass, we’ve never had any problem with Police. We’ve been at it for almost a year now, and not one problem. Our goal is to create a bike riding community and to get more support for bike riders and alternative transit. Our organization has been growing constantly and at the http://criticalmass.meetup.com/40/ meetup page we have 62 people our rides usually have between 25-40 riders not that massive, but we are not interrupting traffic and we do not aim to piss people off. There is a calendar of events on our site and we would love positive people and riders to come out and join us. P.S. we got a Best of Miami for best place to meet intelligent women, so maybe that’ll motivate some people to come out and ride.


  2. Verticus S. Erectus says:

    “This plan allows users to buy themselves out of the hassles of finding people to carpool with.” how true.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Would this be the same “prices starting at $130,000″ marketing crap that all the other condo developers try to pull. With that 1 token apartment at $130k on the bottom floor with no view and all the rest starting at $400k? I hope not, I’m tired of seeing that crap from developers.


  4. well all i can say is i have heard it all now,what a bunch of horse poop,that judge tauro should be hailed as the man who destroyed every rule in the book from time immortal,all through the history of the world,marriage was considered as the unbreakable rule of society of all peoples,now this liberal hack says it is nothing,if this is where these corrupted morons are taking this nation,then god help us all,we will be finished as a civilized moral nation,and so will the people that are pushing this agenda,why? think about this 299 million angry american people that are pro-marriage against,the few pro-free life style people,while the illeagal immigrants breed like bunny rabbits,because they are not into the free life style,and by the way if they get in power,numberwise,how long do the free life style people think they will last in their new america,not long for sure,because they arent into the boy to boy thing or the girl to girl thing,so kiss this nation goodbye,for the american public will not support the american government in this attack on its social values and the illeagals will destroy the pro free life style people pushing this corruption,i am just posting an outlook,and i am not judgeing anyone,but as for myself i like women,and they rule in my book,but what does an old guy know? i just think these people running this nation have been taking too many courses in how to destroy a nation that is civilized,and turn it into the second corrupted roman republic.


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