It’s not often that something leaves me without words in Miami. But this does it.

It's hard to believe, but someone at Miami-Dade County has managed to find a way to make the Rickenbacker Causeway even less safe for cyclists. Photo by Ruben van Hooidonk.

It’s hard to believe, but someone at Miami-Dade County has managed to find a way to make the Rickenbacker Causeway even less safe for cyclists. Photo by Ruben van Hooidonk.

Yes, that’s the Rickenbacker Causeway bike lane. Yes, that’s a giant sign blocking it, forcing bicycle riders into fast moving traffic. This is also located on arguably the most dangerous existing segment of the Powell bridge, where cyclists traveling downhill at higher speeds must be aware of merging traffic on the right (and vice versa).

This picture is all the more appalling considering that in the past few weeks alone, safety concerns along the Causeway have become even more urgent. A number of local media outlets again reported on the issue following an ugly incident earlier this month in which a drunk driver struck multiple cyclists. These reports included editorials in the Miami Herald, a WPLG news segment highlighting the dangerous conditions, and a public response from Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez only nine days ago.

How in the world can anyone believe that Miami-Dade County is taking this issue with any grain of seriousness? As one commenter on Transit Miami’s Facebook page said, “You can’t complain about the common sense in this town because there isn’t any.”


Our invitation is still on the table for Mayor Gimenez to come out with us for a ride and see the situation first-hand.

Special thanks to Transit Miami reader Ruben van Hooidonk for the picture. See something we should post? E-mail us or let us know on Facebook.

6 Responses to How to make the Rickenbacker Causeway more dangerous, in one picture

  1. Jimi Santoli says:



  2. Tim Lewis says:

    Sad but not surprising for Miami, a city that does not favor or respect cyclist or pedestrians. We need to slow down the traffic and create a culture where all can share the road, safely.


  3. Amy says:

    just wondering how this type of activism works. Did you send this photo to the people in the county that have the authority to move the sign?


  4. kaze says:

    The guy that took that pic and posted it has nothing better to do….there are more important things than this.Im sure it was a mistake and it by now the issue has been fixed. get a life!!!


  5. Gayle R. Love says:

    The sign referenced in the blog was misplaced by a barricade vendor under contract with the marathon organizer. Immediately upon discovering the misplaced sign, the Public Works and Waste Management Department required the vendor to remove the sign from the bike lane. On Wednesday, the sign was relocated to an appropriate location off of the paved roadway and out of the bike lane.

    Gayle R. Love
    Senior Division Director
    Public Information and Outreach Division
    Miami-Dade County Public Works and Waste Management


  6. Keyvan Heydari says:

    Gayle, YOU (MDade) hired the contractor. At least a corrective was employed, but take responsibility. The bureaucracy is imprenetrable. Put a number to report these things on county roads!


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