Below is the reply I received from Mayor Regalado regarding the implementation of Miami 21:

Dear Mr. Azenha,

The reason I asked for the delay in the implementation was precisely because the people had not been heard and developers—not the people—had a lot of input in the plan that was approved last October. Miami Neighborhoods United, an umbrella of residents’ associations of the city, proposed many amendments, most of them downzoning next to residential neighborhoods. This was not included in the October plan. We have been placing the amendments in the agenda for the city commission to act. Miami 21 will be implemented on May 20th but there are amendments still to come, not from developers but from the people.


Tomas Regalado

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7 Responses to Implement Miami 21 now!‏

  1. MrSunshine561 says:

    Can you advise Mr. Regalado that “we” are actually “the people”, not just those organized by special interests into the group known as “Miami Neighborhood United’?

    He needs to be re-called. Enough of this bullshit.


  2. Steve says:

    So because they didn’t participate in any of the over 500 meetings, we get to delay implementing the plan for them?

    Imagine if we delayed the start time for movies until everyone in the theater has their seat and has visited the concession stand first… movies will never start! The same thing holds true with Miami 21! Because this group of people got there late, we are delaying the plan until they have found their seat and gotten their popcorn.

    I could totally understand if there had been only a few public meetings (like 10 or less) and there were several community organizations from different backgrounds having the issue, but this is basically delaying for ONE group.

    Its times like this that make me embarrassed to write “Miami, FL” on anything related to my name.


  3. Carnival says:

    They delay Miaimi 21, but this Thursday watch very closely the EMERGENCY ordinance that they will be presenting. Talk about special interest groups. It stinks!


  4. Victor Hugo says:

    Good point Steve. MUM does not speak for most of the residents of Miami; they are a special interest group that Regalado is listening to way to much. Regalado will do everything he can so it does not look like he delayed/killed Miami 21. He has opened the door and will allow others to do his dirty work. Dirty Politics Mr. Regaldo. What happened to transparency and openness? Or does that only matter when you are trying to get elected?


  5. M21 Now says:

    Just to add to the above comments…
    Everyone has been heard, Miami 21 is a compromise of all sides. Not too much, not too little.
    MNU has been the loudest voice, but their additional amendments would fundamentally change Miami 21. I can only think of two things.
    1. Add so many MNU amendments that it will actually kill Miami 21 and then blame Manny Diaz for the mess.
    2. He knows those amendments are so bad the city commissioners will vote it down and then he comes out looking like the savior and will tell MNU “I tried but they wouldn’t let me”
    Nice try Tomas, you underestimate your “people”


  6. M21 Past Due says:

    We need new leaders!!!!! Enough of the same Old Cuban Establishment!!!!!!!!! Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until when !!


  7. Dave says:

    MNU was always part of the process. Their ideas were just never instituted by the professional planners who wrote Miami21 because MNU had bad ideas. MNU supported Regalado’s campagn so he is making sure their wishes become law.


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