Good, but belated news: The Green Mobility Network is reporting a win with the County regarding much needed funding for the M-Path. Read all the news here, or an excerpt below.

We are celebrating today after the Miami-Dade Commission’s vote to transfer $700,000 in order to repair the bone-jarring damaged pavement along parts of the M-Path. This money may also cover planning new signals at one or more of the troublesome street crossings near U.S. 1 between Vizcaya and South Miami.

Do indeed contact your County Commissioners and let them know you support the M-Path and appreciate their decision to fund its improvement.

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2 Responses to M-Path Receives Funding

  1. Ellen says:

    I was able to thank Commissioner Sosa in her driveway this morning for the M-Path funding as I waited for my daughter’s school bus in my full bike commuting regalia.


  2. Mike Lydon says:



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