Below is a statement from Miami-Dade county Mayor Carlos Alvarez regarding the death of Mr. Christophe Lacanne:

The death of a bicyclist along the Rickenbacker Causeway is a devastating tragedy caused by the recklessness of a hit and run driver.  Miami-Dade County arrested a suspect, is investigating the sequence of events, addressing opportunities to improve regional cooperation with emergency responders and determining whether any additional engineering measures would be effective in preventing this type of collision. Additionally, if it is found that standard operating procedures were violated with regard to emergency response, those involved will be held accountable.  No one wants to see this happen again.  My son is an avid biker and trains along this same route, along with thousands of other bikers and pedestrians.  This issue is a personal and professional one for me.

Thanks Mayor Alvarez. We need strong leadership on this issue, and I hope you not only listen to your professional public works and planning staff, but the many people who use the Rickenbacker Causeway as more than just a high speed connection between Key Biscayne and the mainland. Their daily experience is worth more than any textbook standard.

11 Responses to Mayor Alvarez Responds to Tragedy

  1. @j2dahizzay says:

    Thank you Mayor! Let’s find some resolution. I move the Bear Cut Bridge be renamed after the fallen cyclist. And I move we lower the speed limit and ENFORCE it. Christopher would have had an increase of 30% survival rate if the car was going 25 mph less when he was hit.


  2. Carlos Mesa says:

    It has been reported that the criminal who killed the biker was at Club Space either drinking or doing drugs. Alledgedly he was at Club Space at 7:30 am just before he got in his car. Anyone know if that is true?


  3. John W says:

    It’s good that Mayor Alvarez spoke out, but this really isn’t the first time this has happened in Miami-Dade County. I remember clearly the case of Gabriel Delrisco, a drunk driver who killed 3 children while their SUV was waiting at a red light. Add to that, the countless other hit and runs there are in Dade County that only make the side headlines, or the many cases of drunk/reckless driving that aren’t even reported.

    For too long, we have allowed the situation with reckless/drunk driving in Miami to get completely out of hand. To me, it seems that it’s become socially acceptable to drive like a maniac, to drink and drive, to run red lights, to speed and to drive in a manner that puts other people’s lives in danger. I wouldn’t even dream of cycling here and driving here is enough of a stress. Just driving home on the Palmetto tonight was a terrifying experience and I get the impression that many of these scumbag drivers get some sort of sick, twisted kick out of behaving this way.


  4. I think John W makes a point.

    The more I think about this awful tragedy, the more I keep thinking we are missing one element.

    How can we let someone drive a car who has been cited 42 times? Who was the lawyer that took the money to represent him the 27th or 35th time? Why does our system fail to impound the vehicle of a driver with this kind of record?

    As a community and a society we need to reassert that operation of several thousand pounds of metal, plastic and rubber is not a constitutional right, but a licensed priviledge that carries with it strict responsibilities.

    As we rexamine the effectiveness of Public Works and Emergency Response, maybe we should also reexamine the seriousness we attach to traffic violations and their enforcement. I like baseball - three strikes and you’re out (lose your license) - three outs and your at bat is over (confiscate the vehicle).

    Whatever the focus of our disgust and anger at this, we need to stay united through this to make change happen.


  5. carymore says:

    This ruthless killer is OUT paying only $10,000.00 out-of-his-pocket!!!!. Being under the influence of alcohol, only made his narcisistic, egocentric, ruthless personality more intense. According to the Islander (KB newspaper), after hitting the cyclist, he not only did not stop, dragging the bike for 5 miles to his house in Key Biscayne, but when the Key Biscayne policy activated their lights and asked him to stop using their speaker, this monster pushed down the gas pedal going 80 miles on a main street where the speed limit is 30. I really hope he gets punished to the biggest extend of the law, due time in the US and then be deported to his country, Venezuela.
    At some point he even thought and expressed that it was kind of funny that in a 12 month period he had 42 traffic citations. I am sorry, there should be no mercy for this ruthless killer!!!!.


  6. Grayson Peddie says:

    “At some point he even thought and expressed that it was kind of funny that in a 12 year period he had 42 traffic citations. I am sorry, there should be no mercy for this ruthless killer!!!!.”


    To me, it’s not very funny at all.


  7. Grayson Peddie says:

    Also, it should be $100,000.

    Please make sure you proofread before you submit; that way, your credibility does not get damaged.


  8. Geoff Dodge says:

    How about Club Space taking some responsibility? Time to take away the 24/7 temporary permit? Do we want more dead bikers? Dead tourists?


  9. Grayson Peddie says:

    Blaming Club Space is illogical if we don’t know what’s going on inside during the times of arguments.


  10. John W says:

    You can’t really blame the club. It’s an individuals choice whether they do the right thing and take a taxi home, or crash at a hotel, rather than drive home drunk. Bertonatti is 100% to blame and anyone who defends him is enabling that sort of callous behavior.


  11. Tim Murphy says:

    Club Space is open 24/7. If the driver was at Club Space getting stupid drunk and/or if he was doing drugs on Club Space premises than Club Space should be investigated. Again.

    What is the benefit to a community to allow its youth to stay up all night drinking and doing drugs only to then allow them to get in their vehicles and share roads with bikers and students?


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