It reads:

I call upon the residents of the City of Miami to join me in the observance of this important occasion that promotes an elevated quality of life; further, I urge the embrace of partnerships and programs that encourage bicycling as a physical activity.

Mayor Tomás Regalado, City of Miami

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4 Responses to Mayor Embraces Bicycling…

  1. MrSunshine561 says:

    Thanks Mr. Regalado. Now please get to work on the 23 projects on the City of Miami Bicycle Master Plan, which are due this year. (Pages 38-42, for your reference.)


  2. Bike64 says:

    Very nice piece of paper that proclamation!!! I do not believe a word until I see a
    some legislative action. They are to busy in Radio Mambi talking crap. I don’t think he cares a bit about something that wouldn’t give him any political advantage


  3. C-Record says:

    Agreed, a Proclamation does not an embrace make. Implement the Bike Master Plan.


  4. kyle says:

    May we have manny back? Now that’s a real mayor. Regalado is a waste of time who has done nothing spectacular. Lame duck Regalado.


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