I happened to be looking at the transit reports the other day and I noticed that the Metromover had its best month ever this past March (2011).   I might be wrong, but I went pretty far back and found no other month above the 848,970 recorded this past March.

The Metrorail as well had one of its best months ever at 1,673,175.

You can find the reports at: http://www.miamidade.gov/transit/news_technical_reports.asp


14 Responses to Metromover has Best Month Ever

  1. John says:

    How do they know that the metromover ridership numbers are if there is no fare system that can track the amount of users?


  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe where the turnstiles would be there are gate like things that look like (at least at some stations) they have a beam of light that crosses. When you pass through it counts up by 1. That would be my unscientific guess.


  3. Adam Mizrahi says:

    They have new counters. When you walk through it counts you.


  4. Rocky says:

    This may help sell the idea of extending the metro-mover to the port.


  5. Kevin says:

    If ridership continues to climb, MDT might consider expanding service past 12am on weekends since nightlife in Downtown and Brickell is getting busier.

    That said, ridership will continue to increase for years to come as the populations keep growing in Downtown, and more people start growing accustomed to it.


  6. Rocky says:

    I wish they would extend hours, I use it to go to the bars/clubs on NE 14th St, and taking a cab home is about as much as paying for parking would be.


  7. Ellen says:

    I’ve maybe used Metromover 5 times in the 20 years I have worked dwntwn. Now that my spawn will be attending iPrep Academy over at the School Board Bldg @ Omni, I used it 4 times last week. The car(s) was always so full that I would have appreciated a triangular shaped, dangling from the car ceiling, grab bar thing, for lack of a better technical expression, since all the poles were filled with hands of the shorter people. I wonder how that request could be made for us taller folk?


  8. Brad Knoefler says:

    Well that’s a no brainer. When you have nearly 100,000 Europeans in town for Ultra who stay in Downtown hotels and
    are used to using public transport, ridership will increase. This is not a long term trend as the Museums in Bicentennial park have killed this event from ever occurring in Downtown Miami again.


  9. Mike Moskos says:

    It would be interesting to compare the rail ridership with cars on specific roads.

    As for Brad’s comment, while the image of people using transit is of people who can’t even afford a ready to fall apart clunker, I’ve given directions to many European and Central/South American tourists on Metromover/rail over the years and invariably they’re staying at expensive hotels. I’m even sometimes shocked when they tell what hotel they’re trying to get back to.


  10. B says:

    Metromover gets most of its riders because Metrorail doesn’t go where you need it to to: you have to transfer to get to major events on the bay front. Every time you ride a crowded Metromover car to a Heat game, you’ll hear the comment that “I’m never doing this again.” Clearly, Metromover just can’t keep up with the crowds. At least you should be running inner loop express between the Govt. center and College/Bayside!!!! Have Metrorail stop at the up-coming “museum park” on the way to the Port and South Beach, then we’d be talking!


  11. Gables says:

    Ellen - I too have experienced the need for more handles to hold when standing in a crowded MetroMover car.

    B - I think of MetroRail as a transit freeway, and Metromover as an arterial street. The beauty of MetroMover is that it moves people throughout downtown after they have used MetroRail, since it cannot feasibly serve all downtown locations. However, to your point, having another MetroRail stop at Bayfront on its way to the Port and Miami Beach would be IDEAL.

    Rocky - Since it seems unlikely that MetroRail will serve the Port anytime soon, I agree that maybe this will put some more support in extending MetroMover to the Port.


  12. Adam Mizrahi says:

    Guys. The Metromover is awesome. No transit system is perfect. The metromover accomplishes what it sets out to do. It gets people from point A to point B within the downtown core and you are never more that 2-3 blocks away from where you need to go EAST of 95…

    For those who live there life designed around public transit, the Metromover is great as a DOWNTOWN solution.

    I live in downtown, don’t own a car, and the Metromover is great. I don’t mind getting a taxi the 4 times a year I am too lazy to walk, since I don’t spend a gazillion dollars on cars. If I stay past 12:30pm, I walk home or take a cab. Even from the Adrienne Arscht to Mid Brickell, that is a 20-25 minute walk. Thats NOTHING.


  13. Brody says:

    The Metromover is awesome, and serves its purpose very well. It takes you anywhere you need to get to in Downtown, Brickell and Omni. It’s a great system, and as Downtown continues to grow, so will Metromover ridership.

    That said, I too, like many commenters here experience Metromover when its very crowded and some handrails on the ceiling would really help. The Metromover cars are whobbly and they’re almost always jammed packed. We need more places to grab onto to (no jokes haha).


  14. B says:

    Run inner loop express between the govt center and Bayfront/Bayside during events…PLEASE!! But for getting around downtown in general, it can be a bit slow, but the frequent service all day and into the night more than makes up for this!


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