I will pledge to you Miami 21 will be implemented, but with the input of the new commissioners.

-Mayor Regalado

That is enough of a pledge for me to believe that this is not the end of the road for Miami 21. I hope the Mayor lives up to his word.

PS. The Herald article said it best:

…the new commission could be setting itself up for further delay in trying to reconcile often mutually exclusive changes sought by neighborhood activists and developers. Attempts by planners and city leaders to balance competing interests was one reason Miami 21 took so long to win approval.

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6 Responses to Miami 21 Delayed Until May

  1. Adam says:

    Oh great, does this mean that the President can just put off executing laws until next year’s new US congresspeople and senators get a chance to think about them?


  2. MFCPEEPS says:

    Chek out what we have to say about it:


    Great job informing people! Local elections DO matter.


  3. brody says:

    This is proof that local elections do matter indeed MFCPEEPS. It’s a shame to see all the great things Manny Diaz was able to accomplish during his term, just to see them fall apart one by one by the inept Tomas Regalado. That’s what happens when a great global city gets a 20th-century mayor with backwards thinking. Awesome!


  4. We are collecting singnatures to revoke the Mayor of Miami Dade Carlos Alvares at http://www.411miamidade.com
    download and sign the petition we needs 60,000 signatures


  5. Anonymous says:

    Great things that Manny accomplished… Like what?? Sucking all the reserves from the City coffers during an economic boom. Shifting money contrary to local ordinance that was enacted to protect the City from financial collapse. Presiding over a time of unprecedented development across the globe, and somehow, taking credit for the development in Miami. Pushing a $3 billion stadium down our throats with Carlos Alvarez.. Fire Fee fiasco, flip-gate, need I go on. Manny was a disaster. He hid it well because of the economic boom during his tenure. Brody, with all due respect, I disagree with your assessment of the Mayor’s tenure. That is not to say that I am a huge fan of the current Mayor. I agree that he is not exactly a visionary. That’s why we need to stay on him, and all elected officials to act in a responsible manner and do things based on the best interests for the City and its residents. Thank you to transit miami to providing a forum on this and other issues of great importance.


  6. Piero says:

    Manny Diaz left the City of Miami with a $100+ Million deficit. He wiped out the City’s reserves as his friends got rich getting no-bid contracts. $3 Billion to a privately owned company so it can sell product to the taxpayers?


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