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This agenda item is being sponsored by Mayor Regalado, who only days ago confirmed to Transit Miami that the administration would not seek to delay implementation. What ever happened to transparency and honesty in government Mayor? What happened to “implemented on schedule”? Unfortunately, the lone Miami Herald article to cover this important topic over the past few weeks (by Chuck Rabin and Andres Vigglucci) was inaccurate and one sided, laying most of the responsibility on the commission, without acknowledging that that there is no commission sponsored agenda item on the subject. The only item related to implementation is this sneaky discussion item (sponsored by the Mayor). (Andres and Charles - what are you guys thinking??) The fact is that if this item does not get heard, then the commission does not need to do anything and the code becomes effective on the 20th of May.

Insiders have told Transit Miami that the last minute blitz by attorneys in reaction to the overreaching MNU amendments has re-energized both sides - and that another delay might be likely. In spite of the high probability of legal and economic consequences for our already cash strapped city, the mayor and the special interests that are pushing this last minute blitz may be looking to repeal the code altogether. I wonder if they have considered the profound economic impact of leaving our city with no effective zoning code while the commission, mayor and special interests get their way. Lets not also forget that the State of Florida, upon approval of the state mandated comprehensive plan that corresponds to Miami 21 (back in October of 2009), gave the city one year to make its zoning code compliant with the comprehensive plan. That deadline will lapse in October leaving the city in direct noncompliance with State growth laws.

Are these people really in charge of our city? With all the other problems that the city is facing, why are they going back and opening a can of worms that will cost the city dearly in lost time, economic development, and improved quality of life?? Remember what happens next Thursday at election time folks. The institutional memory of this commission might be short, but the civic memory of its constituents is not.

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  1. L says:

    Here is a call to all Miami 21 supporters! Show up at City Hall on May 13. I am sure it will be one of the first items. And if you can’t show up, write letters, have your friends write to the Commissioners. We cannot just sit idle anymore. Something has to be done to stop this nonsense!


  2. Oscar says:

    It doesn’t say anything about “Repeal” on the agenda link when I click on it now. Hopefully that was some type of error that has since been corrected. Regardless, they’re obviously considering delaying this again and completely disregarding the democratic process that enacted Miami 21. Could you imagine if every political leader just spent his entire time in power trying to undo the legislation that his predecessor passed? This undermines the best interests of the community and sets a dangerous precedence for stalling progress. I hope that Miami 21 becomes effective this May. If it doesn’t, I hope that these so-called leaders are forced to pay more than what the wave of lawsuits and legal challenges will require - I hope we’ll make them pay with their careers.


  3. Napoleon says:

    What is wrong with Regalado? Does this narcissistic man actually think he is smarter than me and the rest of us? Does he really think he can pull the wool over our eyes and get away with it? He has now officially proven himself to be a compulsive liar. Does he not recall the promise that the made to Tony and Transit Miami two days ago? He is conniving, sneaky and a disgrace to our city. This man will be a 1 term mayor. He is proving his ineptitude quicker than I predicted. He is clueless and not very bright. Everyone needs to show up next week at the commission meeting.


  4. This administration is a complete joke. They were elected without a vision, plan, or any reasonable idea on how to improve Miami. Regalado is clearly intent on undoing the work of his predecessor - he’s given us every indication that his election was more for his own personal gain than for the betterment of our city.

    We need to have a vocal opposition attend this meeting. This is a call for support from ANYONE who wishes to see Miami continue to grow. Without Miami 21, we will be destined to continue growing haphazardly - adversely affecting our ability to compete on a global scale. If Miami 21 is repealed, the city would have effectively taken 10 steps backwards.


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  6. Prem says:

    let’s call a spade a spade

    i’m a bit annoyed with these blanket attacks of Regalado, not that I like the guy. But as far as I remember he opposed this stupid stadium they’re building in Little Havana.

    That being said, instead of constantly mentioning special interests, can we start naming names? This blog and others have been following the evolution of Miami 21 from its inception so perhaps it’s about time we stop referencing boogie-men and start calling out members of the community that are deliberately working against the greater interests of the community as a whole.


  7. Tony Garcia says:

    Prem, this is not about attacking all of the Mayor’s ideas or proposals - where have you ever read that on this site?? If you were being accurate you would note that every time the Mayor (or then commissioner) voted against the port tunnel or stadium I always applauded him. I give credit where credit is due.

    This is not about attacking any person - that’s not what Transit Miami is about.

    In this case (to answer your silly comment) the only person who can propose a discussion item for the Mayor is the Mayor himself. He is the only one responsible for this ‘discussion’ item. As Mayor - the buck stops with him…


  8. History has been written says:

    For those of you who like the image of Miami 21 please be aware that it was thrust upon the City by a Mayor who it appears lead the City to insolvency. Bankruptcy? That Mayor pushed and demanded three commissioners vote for a $3 Bil baseball stadium and garage and he pushed for massive overspending of what has turned out to be scarce resources.

    $86 Mil deficit.

    Current Mayor Regalado opposed the $3 Bil giveway and he opposed many other stupid ideas that are now burdening his Administration.

    Do any of you know how many property owners will use Miami 21 as a reason to get their Property Taxes reduced?

    Do any of you know how much Miami 21 wil cause tax revenues to drop?


  9. Steve says:

    you mean the city will have to finally balance its budget and stop paying everyone 6-figure salaries? Honestly though, while there may be a drop in tax revenue from Miami 21 (I don’t know how true that statement is though…), if there is a drop in taxes collected, then it would actually stimulate the economy more by increased spending. Additionally, the livable city created by Miami 21 far outweighs any of the downsides.

    Livable Streets > 15 story parking garages with huge lit ads all over them.


  10. Victor Hugo says:

    Personally I think History has been written is full of it. How will tax revenues drop? Please elaborate. I don’t like blanket stmts. not backed up with facts.
    Miami 21 is not about Manny Diaz and the Stadium he voted for. Please stick to the issue. Regalado should spend less time trying to undo some very good things Manny Diaz did for the city, and less time listening to special interest groups like MUM who do not represent the residents as Mr. Regalado claims.


  11. Prem says:

    I wasn’t directing my comments at you, but rather to Gabriel, Napoleon, and others who get on their soap box and bemoan the horrors of Regalado, as if Diaz’s spendthrift nature weren’t detrimental to our community in ways.

    And my second comment wasn’t about putting things on the agenda, but instead of literally developing a shit list, where we can easily reference persons and organizations that have deliberately acted against Miami 21, either by proposing/influencing amendments or attempting to get it repealed altogether. With such a list when people get up to talk during open mic they can drop names and point out corruptions for all commissioners, audience, and the media to see.

    I think we can all agree that mainstream media does not appropriately cover the news,


  12. Baron Haussmann says:

    Again, this it not about Manny Diaz, but rather it is about Regalado’s sneaky tactics and his unwillingness to engage anyone that is not part of his posse. Regalado has done absolutely nothing for Miami since taking office. He refused to meet with the good people that were trying to organize Bike Miami Days. He has zero vision for Miami and he is more concerned about making Manny Diaz look bad than making Miami a better place for everyone to live. Let’s not forget the b.s. corruption arrests that the State Attorney had to drop too.
    I like your idea of the shit list-please put your boy Mayor Regalado at the top your list-he single handedly will dismantle all the hard work and community input that created Miami 21


  13. Prem says:


    It’s not “about” anyone. This is community and we all need to look at the holistic nature of how things progress and change. You can’t blanketly put blame on regalado for trying to deal with decisions he didn’t agree on with Diaz when he was a commissioner.
    Unlike some newcomer on the stage changing things left and right Regalado is inheriting the leftovers of an administration he vocally and often criticized. There is a precedent for his opposition and such dumbfounded surprise at the situation, quite frankly, is kind of absurd on the parts of the members of this website.

    That being said, not at any point do I ever say to leave Regalado alone. However. If it weren’t for special interests (who are themselves parts of the community) there would not be much financial support for repealing or greatly ammending Miami 21.
    Moaning and lamenting the state of affairs, and expecting the Mayor to take such arguments seriously does nothing.
    To get his ear the community must simultaneously distract him from the siren’s call of other positions. We are not the only point of view in this city and as such must continuously win the argument if expecting political change to suit our needs.

    In regards to regalado refusing to meet with the organizers of BMD: I heavily doubt the accuracy of this statement. I attended some MOST meetings in the time before the City officially took it on, and remember that Regalado’s son was liazing with Kathryn and other people for a while, perhaps not to the extent that would have been appreciated by the group, in regards to this very matter. This was before the Dutch Consulate had confirmed anything, and before there were any sponsors for the event.
    So what are you trying to say here?
    Instead of being vague and accusative could you give some actual details and descriptions for such a claim.
    It’s like saying, “Regalado hates bicyclists” which could very well be true, almost everyone else in this town seems to us, but without details (to which I’m not privy) how can I make any assessment of the veracity and accuracy of the statement.


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