As part of the implementation of Miami 21, the City of Miami City Commission is holding a Town Hall meeting today, June 1 at 9AM for the purpose of conducting a public forum on Miami 21.

Please come out and let your commissioners know what you want to see in your community. The discussion will center on Miami 21 but is an opportunity to give ideas, improvements, etc.

Wed June 2 @ Miami City Hall 9am

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4 Responses to Miami 21 Town Hall Meeting

  1. Cornfused says:

    Why a public meeting on this now? It’s been brought to the public a billion times. Just curious as to why now, and what happened.


  2. Veritas says:

    500 public meetings are not enough against the pressure of the lawyers and lobbyists who will bankroll Chairman Sarnoff’s re-election campaign. Wake up and learn when you are being played.


  3. Chairman Sarnoff loves Miami 21 says:

    Chairman Sarnoff has been a Miami 21 supporter.

    Many people have found flaws with Miami 21 and the City wanted to get the chance to hear about the flaws before too much time passes.

    Miami 21 became effective May 20 and the jury will be out for quite some time.


  4. Miami 21 is too complicated says:

    At least four of the five commissioners know nothing about zoning and almost nothing about the new zoning code called Miami 21.

    Miami 21 was a trick. Simply the result of salesmanship and pressure.

    Watch it come unhinged. Or maybe the commissioners are too asleep to know it is broken?


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