True to his word, Mayor Tomas Regalado made only minor comments before the City Commission today related to future amendments to the code after implementation. Later, while waiting for the City Manager to make a presentation regarding the budget, the commissioners went around griping about how there was not enough public process, or that the code was still not ‘complete’.

Commissioner Carollo described the lack of public process and lack of time (is he for real??) Commissioner Gort went on to propose a special meeting (after the May 20th implementation date) to bring all stakeholders together to further discuss changes to the code, which he said would be many considering “things that were not well thought out.” Others, like Commissioner Suarez brought up good points related to affordable housing and the impact of  downzoning on the city budget. While he made some good points, he also is not sold on the value of walkability or the principles behind the code, going so far as to suggest it was fatally flawed. Commissioner Dunn was very positive, echoing some of what Commissioner Suarez said about affordable housing, but clearly saying that he agreed with the code in principle. Commissioners Suarez and Carollo should take their cue from Commissioner Dun - you can seek changes to the code, but are you really against creating a pedestrian friendly Miami? I hope not.

Mayor Regalado held the commission back saying that is was not “practical” to delay the implementation date. He rightly recognized that any extension would result in the same last minute blitz by attorney’s and told the commission as much.  I hope that as time goes on, Gort, Suarez and Carollo take the time to truly understand what this code aspires to, and how it will change our city for the better.

13 Responses to Mayor Lives Up To His Word: Miami 21 To Be Implemented On Schedule

  1. Felipe Azenha says:

    Thank you Mayor Regalado! Well done.


  2. Do you walk? says:

    The salesmanship behind Miami 21. Do any of you walk?

    A wise activist quips that 99% of us like to walk as long as it is the other 1% doing the walking.

    If any of you think more people will start walking on May 20th, Miami 21 Implementation Day, I have a bridge to sell you.


  3. Tony Garcia says:

    Bitter party of one, your table is now available. Leave it to an anonymous commenter to leave an attacking comment with no point. For the record, yes I walk. I walk all around my neighborhood. I walk to Havana Vieja. I walk to Downtown Coral Gables. I walk to work. I walk to Winn-Dixie. I walk anywhere I can around where I live. that’s what Miami 21 is all about - making walkability an easy choice.

    My guess is that you don’t have the first idea about good city planning or what makes cities work. Will anything change on May 20th? no. but at least the troglodytes who run this city (and others like you) will have been unsuccessful in ensuring that we continue to be a banana republic.

    Do you really care? probably not.


  4. Rider says:

    While I ride a bike a lot, I walk all around my neighborhood, or when I take transit somewhere. I like walking it’s great, you see the most random stuff when you walk.
    I’m not really concerned about May 20th, I’m concerned about the next 5, 10, and 15 years and how this city can better develop.


  5. luke says:

    Great news!


  6. Yes, I walk! says:

    I walk with my family all throughout my neighborhood, and even do my groceries walking! Problem is, I am walking on a 5 foot sidewalk sometimes blocked by poles, signs, and other things. What Miami 21 will do is create wider sidewalks, more shade so my walking experience is more pleasant and will actually have interesting things for me to see along the way and perhaps shop. Will it all happen on May 20? Of course not!! It will take quite some time because development takes time, but as Rider above said, it’s about the next 5, 10, and 15 years ahead when my children grow. It’s not just about you Mr. “Do You Walk” (reads Elvis), but it’s about our future too.


  7. Gifted says:

    Where are all of the nay sayers now ?
    (Not you Tony)

    I am a (reluctant) jogger and I cant wait for bigger sidewalks.


  8. You walk under the existing zoning code says:

    Walkers walk now using the existing code.

    Miami 21 has not been implemented.

    How will you like walking when homes for convicted felons come into your neighborhoods? Miami 21 does not prohibit homes for felons living amongst you. Still want to walk?

    How will you like to see increased rents required when there is less height and density?


  9. Tony Garcia says:

    lol…wow you guys are really reaching…felons? really?


  10. Katie says:

    This will be one of the only things in Miami that stays on schedule. I want to see it before I will believe it.


  11. Statusman says:

    So is Miami 21 operational? Are all new approved buildings required to meet the new ordinances?


  12. Tony Garcia says:

    Yes! It is fully operational.


  13. […] a tumultuous 4 years of public comment,  hysterics, and misinformation, Miami 21 was officially implemented in 2010. We here at Transit Miami joined forces with the City of Miami in 2006 in full support of the plan, […]


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