Miami 21, the form-based code recently adopted in the City of Miami (also a hot discussion topic here a year ago), won the American Planning Association (APA) Florida Chapter Award of Excellence. Miami 21 was the sole Award of Excellence presented by the chapter this year. To quote from the award letter by the Awards Committee Chair: “Your dedication and achievement of such a worthy effort is a true reflection of the innovation and quality of planning occurring within the state.”

City of Miami Planner Luciana L. Gonzalez accepted the award on behalf of the city:

I was honored to accept the award on behalf of all team members, staff, and other supporters who have worked so hard over the years to make Miami 21 a reality. This award belongs to many people who were and have been involved in this extraordinary project. Thanks to all of you who helped reach this achievement. It is remarkable what we’ve been able to accomplish and I look forward to its continued success!

Congratulations to the City of Miami, staff, and all who worked tirelessly to make Miami 21 a reality.

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12 Responses to Miami 21 wins the American Planning Association Florida Chapter Award of Excellence

  1. Miami 21 is a mess says:

    Poor drafting. Weak oversight.

    Lobbyists inserted so many perks and special exceptions into Miami 21 that
    it is a nightmare. The Zoning Director even retired.

    Miami 21 allowed the proposed five 500′ tall LED billboards. 50 story billboards? That is award winning planning?


  2. Get your facts straight: Miami 21 DID NOT allow for the proposed 500′ tall LED billboards. The City of Miami commission voted to create exemptions to the code to allow for the towers.

    Transit Miami does not support this decision.


  3. Anonymous says:

    “Lobbyists inserted so many perks and special exceptions….” It’s called compromise. Miami 21 wouldn’t have happened without the support of major property owners and their representatives (lobbyists)… You can complain about specifics but a perfect code doesn’t exist.


  4. Miami 21 allowed the 500' tall billboards. says:

    Miami 21 did allow the 500′ LED billboards. Miami 21 Article 6.5.4. Read the code.

    There is no height limit to the disgusting billboards in Miami 21. No prohibition to LED billboards. No limit to number of billboards on the applicant site. Entire section was passed. In Miami 21.

    Miami 21 is a mess. Ask the staff who cannot figure it out or the developers who only build in Miami as a last resort.

    Wait. More massive billboards are coming. Want a beautiful city or a “all billboards, all the time” city? Miami 21 is all billboards, all mural ads, all the time.


  5. Miami 21 was opposed by property owners says:

    Miami 21 was opposed by thousands of property owners.
    Their compliants were ignored.

    Several property owners used lobbyists to get their sites exempted from Miami 21. After getting exempted from Miami 21 they then advocated for Miami 21, for their competitors.

    Planning by checkbook.


  6. Adam Mizrahi says:

    Miami 21 in the coming years will prove to be a much better solution that the previous code (IMHO). It will take years to see the full effect…


  7. Miami 21 will be worse than the old code says:

    If the City of Miami commissioners have already started tampering with Miami 21 and changing it to satisfy lobbyists and other outside pressures then why would Miami 21 be any different from the old Code?

    Miami 21 allowed multiple 50 story billboards on one site.

    Checkbook zoning.


  8. Clarifying the Facts says:

    Miami 21 had a provision for media towers PROVIDED that a master plan for the Southeast Overtown Park West had a MASTER PLAN approved. That master plan, with regulations for media towers, DOES NOT EXIST. This language was straight from the former zoning ordinance, it existed all along, but again with a master plan, not just ONE project.

    Other legislation recently approved by the City Commission allowed the 500 foot billboards to exist, NOT Miami 21.

    Ultimately, Miami 21 is a better product than the former ordinance and as Adam stated above, it will prove to be a much better solution than the previous code. It is a fact that no one can argue against and only time will prove so. Nonetheless, it does not take away from the great achievement of recognition by planners in the industry who see this as a step in the right direction. Miami 21 will continue to succeed despite the negative comments, and incorrect statements, made above. No question about it.


  9. Miami 21 cannot be taken seriously says:

    As stated, Miami 21 had the language already included that allowed slick attorneys and sleazy lobbyists to get multiple 50 story LED billboards approved.

    How can anyone take a zoning Code seriously that allows 50 story billboards?

    Miami 21 is nothing but a slick sales job. Wait and see how many problems develop as it is implemented.


  10. Cam says:

    Cool. Some of these comments are obviously the same person over and over :/ Wording too similarly.


  11. Anonymous says:

    If the repeated commenter is so upset with the “media towers” that were approved by the City Commission then he/she should read the ordinance that was approved that clearly shows SPECIFIC EXEMPTIONS from complying with the Miami 21 Code. The media towers are not allowed in the Omni area by Miami 21.

    Its amazing how some people can be so impassioned, yet not spend a minute to even read the ordinances they rally against.


  12. Miami 21 did not prevent 50 story billboards says:

    Obviously, there was nothing in Miami 21 that prevented 50 story billboards.
    Commissioners easily approving 50 story billboards with first and second reading within 7 days. The City Attorney gave permission to bypass customary review by all lower boards. That is proof that Miami 21 will be as easily manuipulated by sleazy lobbyists as the previous code.

    Miami 21 obviously did nothing to stop the proposed 50 story billboards.

    Same old, same old.


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