• The State growth management planners have officially drafted a report recommending Miami-Dade County commissioners to reject the most recent bids to move the Urban Development Boundary further west. The issue will now head back to county commissioners who will vote again based on the state’s recommendations.
  • We really did not see this going any other way, considering the state has repeatedly warned County Commissioners on the devastating consequences our area would face should the UDB be extended west. We hope that Sally Heyman stays true to her word and reverts to her original vote against the expansion and are perplexed that this issue will somehow only narrowly be defeated. When it comes to the UDB, much of the county commission does not vote in the best interest of constituents. We’ll keep you posted as to when the County will be meeting, but in the meantime e-mail your county commissioner
  • Miami-Dade County Commissioners gathered in Washington D.C. this week to meet with Federal Transit Administrator James Simpson to discuss the fate of the upcoming N/S and E/W metrorail extensions. The N/S extension was recently downgraded due to financial uncertainty within MDT. Simpson urged the county officials to work together and put an end to the racial bickering which has plagued much of the county’s projects since the 1970s.
    • We hope that the County administration comes back home with a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished in order to see these projects come to fruition. MDT and the Commission should be ashamed that these critical projects were downgraded because of poor management however, given the poor management of previous projects and ridiculous cost overruns, this really shouldn’t surprise us. Transportation options shouldn’t become the center of a cultural war, on the contrary, transit should unite our neighborhoods and make county-wide mobility easier for all.
  • The city of Coral Gables is looking into creating plan that would provide free parking to the drivers of electric vehicles. The plan is being considered after a recommendation by the city’s economic development board altered Commissioner Ralph Cabrera’s initiative to provide more downtown bicycle parking. Meanwhile, some within the city were looking to expand the initiative to provide reduced parking fees for owners of hybrid vehicles.
    • We commend Commissioner Cabrera for introducing some greener initiatives and for the city’s support in making Coral Gables a bicycle friendly community. Free parking for electric vehicles may be ahead of its time, considering that few electric vehicles are available on the market today, but the city is headed in the right direction in providing the local infrastructure to even make this technology possible. The exclusion of hybrid vehicles from this proposition is recommended by Transit Miami due to the varied nature of hybrid vehicles (20 mpg Yukon Hybrid - 50 mpg Prius.) We believe the city needs to continue in the green direction by subsidizing only virtually zero emission projects (Bicycle, EV, Trolley, Pedestrian, etc.)

    5 Responses to Miami News & Commentary

    1. Anonymous says:

      Limited amount of electric vehicles on the market? There is only one: The Telsa sports car. Does Mr. Carbrera have one on order?

      Free parking for hybrids is a good idea. A hybrid is a hybrid, whether it’s a Yukon or a Prius.


    2. Steven says:

      The parking issue raises an interesting point. If I own an electric pickup truck, does that mean I have free parking in Coral Gables too?


    3. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal says:

      Free parking for gasoline powered vehicles is a terrible idea. My car was made 8 years ago and still gets 30% better fuel efficiency than the Yukon Hybrid. Besides why should we further subsidize our driving habits?

      Mr. Cabrera’s motion was simply to provide more bike parking, city officials tacked on the rest.


    4. Johnny R. says:

      I am so happy to see a Florida State Agency say that moving the UDB would be detrimental to the city. Some hope remains after all!


    5. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal says:

      Unfortunately those saying to hold the UDB have no political affiliation.. As I mentioned, I am still shocked that even after the state recommendation, there will STILL be many commissioners voting in favor of the projects. Where do their interests lie? Not with the people…


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