The Herald is reporting that the county commission overturned Mayor Alvarez’s veto in favor of moving the Urban Development Boundary for a Lowe’s at 8th St and 137th Ave and a retail center at Kendall Drive and (gulp), 167th Avenue (i.e. the Everglades). More sprawl, more self-interests, more incompetence. We’ll have lots more on this later.

2 Responses to More Bad News…

  1. Anonymous says:

    what sort of person would vote like this? Does miami really need a lowes on the edge of the everglades.


  2. Cyrus says:

    What sort of person would vote like this? The sort of person who is paid off to vote like this. I’m not the conspiracy theorist type…but I (and everyone I speak with) can see that there is absolutely no reason why a Miami-Dade County Commissioner, would vote to allow even more sprawl into the Everglades, unless they are being paid to do so.

    My commissioner, Audrey Edmonson, was one of those who voted for it. Why on earth would she vote to expand the county even further westward, opening the door to further destruction of our dwindling natural resources, while her district, which includes Little Haiti, Liberty City, Overtown and the Upper East Side, struggles with urban blight, hundreds of abandoned buildings and empty lots and massive underemployment! I can see only one reason why she would so willingly neglect her district by promoting yet more development a world away from the people she was elected to represent.

    In my 14 years as a Miami-Dade County resident, I have never seen more blatant corruption.


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