This morning a motorcyclist traveling south on Biscayne Boulevard hit a pedestrian as she tried to cross the street.  The accident occurred near NE 74th Street.  The closest crosswalk is two block north on NE 76th Street. The next closest crosswalk is on NE 71st Street.  From NE 71st Street to NE 76th Street there are NO crosswalks. This is a typical FDOT project; pedestrians are never considered a priority in the design.  It almost seems like FDOT goes out of their way to design roadways to make it difficult for pedestrians to cross.  Who in their right mind at FDOT thinks a 5-lane roadway highway with a design speed of 45mph, with crosswalks every 5 blocks is a good idea for pedestrians?  This project is a disgrace.  Not only does it force pedestrians to jaywalk, but also once they do jaywalk they need to cross a 70 ft wide highway with speeding cars coming from both directions. If FDOT tried, I don’t think even they could possibly design a more dangerous Biscayne Boulevard for pedestrians.

FDOT is not only putting pedestrians in harms way; they are killing businesses because of poor roadway design.  The MiMo Historic District should have narrower lanes, bicycle sharrows, and parallel parking.  All of these features would help calm traffic and allow businesses to prosper in this area by providing convenient parking. Please take a look at the MiMo Streetscape Study, which was commissioned by the MiMo Business Improvement Committee, and completed by architects and planners from the University of Miami.

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4 Responses to Motorcyclist collides with pedestrian on Biscayne Boulevard in MiMo

  1. Viewer says:

    I’ve been to several of the Biscayne Blvd meetings in the upper east side, and this is the main complaint. FDOT went ahead and studied the issue and drew up ways to improve it, but they never funded the improvements.
    It’s amazing that they could study the issue and realize all the problems but not fund the solutions.


  2. ruhappy says:

    When will the city pay attention to this area? This time you can’t say it was the fault of a school or a parent not keeping a close eye on a 5 year old.There is money for streets and safety. Sarnoff are you waiting until more people are injured or killed - like on Brickell so you can be embarrassed into helping? Start paying attention to your entire district if you want to be re-elected!

    Signed: Disgusted


  3. Annie says:

    This just one of those accidents that should never occur. The city must do something fast. It’s just sad that people have to suffer and also get killed because of a poorly designed road.


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