Yesterday afternoon I took off the suit and put on the spandex for an afternoon ride on the Rickenbacker Causeway.  This is what I witnessed:

  • About a hundred cyclists enjoying the afternoon
  • Several dozen pedestrians and runners exercising
  • At least 15 cars cruising in excess of 50 mph
  • At least 3 cars doing about 65 mph on the bridges (Motorists love to speed on the bridges, it is very difficult to enforce the speed limit on the bridges)
  • One parked car in the bike lane
  • A Miami Dade Transit bus overtake me, only to cut me off to drop off a passenger.  The bus partially stopped in the bike lane, forcing me into the traffic lane as I passed the bus.
  • A large white van came within 2 feet of me while doing about 50 mph.
  • One decoy police car used to calm traffic

Believe it or not, but this was a particularly calm day on the Rickenbacker Causeway. Conditions continue to remain unsafe for all users; unfortunately cyclists do not have any better or safer options.

One Response to My Thursday evening bike ride on the Rickenbacker Causeway

  1. Seems like a typical day on the key. The decoy car is always parked in front of Virginia Key, everyone knows its a decoy so it’s useless at this point.

    I typically ride early in the mornings and the school buses are a nuisance. They overtake our group just to slam on the brakes and pull over, they do this at least 3 times every morning. Then they pass us on the right lane, almost in the bike lane with the bus floored like they are “teaching us a lesson.” Regardless of the fact that its 6:15 AM and the left lane is completely empty. Great lesson they’re teaching the kids that are riding in it. When they get a license they will probably end up doing the same exact thing.


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