All downtown developers should be required to put up protective pedestrian scaffolding around their work site.  Most large downtown development projects usually take over the sidewalks and pedestrians are left to fend for themselves. This picture was taken on Brickell between 6th and 7th Street. Kudos to the developer for taking this precautionary step and ensuring the safety of pedestrians.  We should enact an ordinance that requires developers to make temporary provisions for pedestrians if the work site infringes upon the pedestrian’s right of way.

2 Responses to Nice Scaffolding

  1. JM Palacios says:

    State standards already require it, so all cities and counties need to do is require developers to follow the state standards during construction. Some already do, but it is often not enforced. Best bet is probably to complain to the maintaining agency if a sidewalk is closed without an alternate, handicapped accessible route for pedestrians.


  2. response says:

    Many cities in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach already have these ordinances however, a developer can through a special permit, that is posted onsite for public comments, request to temporarily lease the right of way from public works and provide alternative access across the street or another way around the site. It’s the only way some tight infill buildings can be built. Infill redevelopment is important for reducing sprawl and creating a more walkable environment with new buildings using LEED standards and including items such as bicycle parking, etc.

    Look for public notice signs and make your voice heard. In Planning school one learns that many decisions to help the long-term planning or redevelopment of a city may have short term negative impacts but, the public process and voice should always be heard. Unfortunatley it is a decision of a temporary inconvenience for a long term enhancement in the urban fabric.


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