Evidenced by the articles below - our work with various groups (like the BAC) has already led to minor additions and improvements for Miami’s Bicycling Community.  Now, with the Coral Way Bike Lanes underway, we turn our attention to another city project that could benefit from some public input.  The city of Miami is working to redesign N Bayshor Drive north of the Venetian Causeway and initial plans omitted bicycle lanes.  This project is critical.  The addition of Bicycle lanes would provide a much needed outlet for cyclists crossing the Venetian Causeway’s bicycle lanes.  It would provide a northern safe route to the Edgwater district (hopefully extending later into the design district) and Margaret Pace Park.  

Send us letters in support of the addition of Bicycle lanes to this project and we’ll forward them along to the City’s planning and public works departments.

4 Responses to North Bayshore Drive Bicycle Lanes

  1. mike lydon says:

    I support this effort! These links-Venetian corridor to margaret pace to museum park are exactly the type of bicycle infrastructure this city needs. People need to be able to move between these destinations without a car, and without the fear that their life will be threatened by motorists. The baywalk will certainly solidify this connection, but until then, we can make on-street improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians that will make the connections easier for all.

    I support this, and all other similar efforts towards making Miami a more livable city. It’s time to move this city into the 21st Century!

    Mike Lydon

    Mike Lydon


  2. Ellen Haas says:

    Gosh, this makes me wish I lived back on Miami Beach. What a beautiful safe, commute this would give bicyclists every day into downtown. That stretch of Bayshore Drive during rush hour is too scary for me to even contemplate riding it as it is now. I support this effort.


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  4. Brad says:

    The majority of people who ride bikes on Bayshore do so responsibly. I have an issue with the people that ride in the middle of the street, swerve in front of cars, run lights and act in other ways that endanger themselves and others on the road. I would gladly accept slower speed limits if cyclists followed the law and the police enforced it. I used to live in a city where bikes were treated like cars, even issued speeding tickets, and there were barely issues with reckless riders. When there is an excess of a few feet to the side of the road use it, don’t be the jerk holding up traffic cause you idolize Lance Armstrong, cause you are acting like a jerk. If the community cared about protecting cyclists they would make them follow the rules. It’s that simple.


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