The Old Cutler Road bike path is in shambles.  Below is a fire hydrant that has been placed in the middle of bike path. There are dozens of other obstacles that cyclists need to avoid on this path. The Old Cutler Road bike path is long overdue for a makeover. Root rot, dangerous intersections, poor placement of signs, and oncoming cars are just a few other examples of obstacles that cyclists need to avoid when riding here.

Fire hydrant in the middle of the Old Cutler Road bicycle path.

4 Responses to Obstacles on Old Cutler Road Bicycle Path

  1. MrSunshine561 says:

    This caught my eye as I rode on that path today, from Matheson Hammocks to South Miami. Saw a few cars using the path as parking right outside of Fairchild. A few spots where the path is completely broken by roots. Attempts to fix it were evident, by just dumping and flattening more asphalt on the roots, to no avail.

    Nothing that a mountain bike cannot handle (majority of people) but harsh on a track bike.

    Cyclists also need to keep in mind this path handles bike and ped traffic in both directions.


  2. Thomas says:

    I know large stretches of the southern part of Old Cutler are under construction and that fire hydrant looks detached - not that it belongs on the path either way. But, the bike path has been an adventure to ride on for at least twelve years.

    It has never been a road bike path. That said, there are many stretches that could - and should - be widened.


  3. Mike Moskos says:

    Well, it was ironic to see this here since I was planning to bring it up during public comment at the next citizens transportation meeting. It’s not just the bike paths, the sidewalks all over South Florida are littered with utility poles, road signs, bus benches, etc. Sometimes the litter is so severe it is impossible for a wheelchair or bicycle to move along the sidewalk (a walker can barely get by). I don’t expect them to start moving utility poles, but you’d think they could position new litter off the sidewalk.


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