We could not be more grateful for our loyal Transit Miami followers and readers. While we often enjoy spirited conversion on the issues we cover, the dialogue is always civil, educated and thought-provoking. It’s our readership that makes Transit Miami the agent for change we strive to be in moving Miami forward. Below is a collection of quotations from our readers in light of this weekend’s tragic crash outside of Marlins Park via our Facebook page and here.

“Whether this was a freak accident is beside the point when human traffic is an afterthought. If you step back and think about it, it is absurd that 4 inches (maybe) of elevated concrete is supposed to be safe.” - Leah Weston

“No matter the causes behind the vehicular deaths, it is still made so much worse by being so vehicular-oriented. A person suffering a heart attack or other medical crisis on a train, bike or foot would not only cause less trouble to others, but also be more likely to survive themselves.

And then you get into secondary harm. Orienting to the automobile destroys our economy, ecology and society. Autos should be tools, not careless gods.” - Karja Hansen, Barrio Workshop

“I think of truly great baseball stadiums like Wrigley Field, where thousands gather before and after games to fill the streets, purchase merchandise, food and drinks. This Marlins stadium is nothing like it. I’ve already made up my mind to never go there and to boycott this ridiculous waste of taxpayer money and now, to save my life.” - Rima Gerhard

“The departments that are responsible for such roadway designs defend those designs on the grounds that they are “safe.” If we demand street trees, on-street parking, fewer curb cuts, wider sidewalks, they say “those are unsafe” or “those features worsen congestion.” We should be ashamed of ourselves. I’m sickened to call myself a Miamian when I read such reports. We should shame the decision-makers into providing more layers of protection for our pedestrians and cyclists. If we don’t, we are less than human.” - Andrew Georgiadis, Dover Kohl and Partners

“Our straight and wide streets encourage speeding and reckless lane changes that often lead to motorists losing control of their machines. This needs to change.” - Roger Williams

“As nice a venue as the new stadium is, the infrastructure in that community is not designed for the masses of humanity that attend an event.” - James Camp

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One Response to Our Readers Weigh in on Miami’s Vehicular Chaos

  1. Wallace Bray says:

    I agree with a previous blogger. I will never set foot in Marlins Stadium until the neighborhood surrounding the stadium is redeveloped to resemble a Wrigley Field type of neighborhood. High-rise’s just won’t cut it. It has to be six story maximum residential buildings with ground floor retail, hidden parking garages, wide tree lined sidewalks, and dedicated bike and public transit lanes. And all this needs to happen from Flagler Street on the south, the Miami River on the north and 22 Avenue on the west. And one more thing Metrorail from the Government Center west out to the Florida Turnpike that would service the new stadium.


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