I wonder how these folks feel about cuts in bus service?

(thanks to blackice3oh5 for the image, from yesterday’s rush hour)

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  1. Steven says:

    This is something very similar to what I see every day. All four corners of the intersection has crowds upon crowds of people waiting for the bus. When busses do show up, they are full and the people waiting have to wait for the next bus. Busses also tend to follow one right after the other through this intersection because one bus packed just isn’t enough… too bad nobody rides transit in this city :(


  2. Tony Garcia says:

    Doesnt look like ‘nobody rides transit’ to me. This is the transit equivalent of ‘congestion’. It would be great if the dot responded to this congestion as much as it does for automobiles. (solution: more capacity!! ps. this is a good reason why the interim step of bus rapid transit is unnecessary. Why ‘test’ the popularity of a route with BRT that will soon end up looking like this? Why not plan for extra capacity to begin with…..duh.


  3. “Why not plan for extra capacity to begin with…..duh.”

    Planning is something Miami politicians are just not prepared to do….

    Shouts out to the G Line-96th to Lincoln Road all day everyday…


  4. Camilo says:

    Then again there are many routes that are usually empty/half filled. I remember I stopped using the 8 routes in favor of the 24 to get to school at FIU for just this reason.


  5. brody says:

    Awesome picture! This is what the 8 and the 11 look like going to and from Downtown and FIU everyday during rush hour. Packed, packed, packed! Like Camilo, I stopped taking the 8 and 11 for the 24 instead, because it takes me to Downtown much faster from FIU than the other two. Less stops, less congestion, and less riders, although still very busy.


  6. Prem says:

    It’s very disappointing to see these kinds of things, but I wonder if we don’t talk about the future more than we bother to analyze the present.

    MDT made promises with the new routing and scheduling, and they’ve already dropped the ball on many.
    For one thing I recall reading that they would take advantage of the constant monitoring the Easy Card and GPS systems allow.
    While I imagine they could do this sort of thing beforehand anyway, it suggests that someone isn’t doing their job. Whose job is it to monitor which buses are early or late, and try to find the patterns to eliminate them in the future?


  7. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    A “Transit Miami” staffer hit the nail on the head at the last transit summit when he asked the board if they had a strategic plan to improve public transportation in the county, and if so, by what percentage, benchmark, percentile, ranking, ANYTHING. Of course, there was no coherent response. Our lower-, upper- and middle-management county employees are, mostly, erudite professionals who know what they’re doing. I know this because I’ve interned and worked in government, but I’m not sure I could say the same of our county commission. Who control’s the purse strings? You guessed it. We have a mismatch of smart, innovative “hired” professionals working with or under incompetent, lazy “elected” officials. Very sad state of affairs, indeed. :(


  8. Prem says:

    amen to that Rog.


  9. Chuck says:

    While I strongly believe that LRT is the answer for Miami’s high-demand corridors like Flagler-8th St, I do think that BRT-lite could be used in many scenarios in the far-flung suburban areas to improve the speed and productivity of bus service. I’m sure it isn’t very efficient and the operating costs are sky high when you provide typical local bus service in NW and SW Miami-Dade. Instead, cut down on the number of bus routes in these areas and instead upgrade a handful of routes to make them faster and more like rapid-transit. The dogma that bus stops need to be on every other corner all over town is hackneyed and run its course.


  10. Tony Garcia says:

    That “staffer” was me ROG… :-)


  11. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    That was you, Tony? Hats off to you, man. I think yours was the only sensible inquiry. Most of the other attendees were quibbling over the routes which pass directly in front of their homes or places of employment. I found that to be quite annoying. Anyways, thanks for speaking up! It’s appreciated. :)


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