It was a sad day in Hialeah yesterday when I came upon this sign relegating people to a position of subservience to automobiles.

Our community has a very long way to go towards re-establishing bipedal homo sapiens as the true masters of the urban realm, and Hialeah is – sorry to say – among the most dehumanizing, least humane places to be a walker.

Who in Hialeah – the 10th largest city in the US with a population density of over 10,000; the densest US city without a skyscraper – will emerge as the champions for a livable urbanism?

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5 Responses to Pic o’ the day: Hialeah’s Transportation Hierarchy

  1. Meghan says:

    This saddens me but as a community these posts should only make us want to keep fighting and pushing forward. Thanks for sharing this photo.


  2. John says:

    Hialeah is a huge missed opportunity. What a waste of such a large community. They have so many Metro stations, that if the city pursued, could become great transit-oriented districts similar to that in Arlington, VA outside DC.


  3. Angel says:

    Very sad too see how far behind we are down here in the country of Miami.. Respect for pedestrians should be Priority #1 when it comes to transportation.. Great pic btw


  4. Mike Moskos says:

    The funny thing is, in certain parts of Hialeah, there are A LOT of pedestrians.

    It is known as the City of the Concrete Lawn, largely because our built environment demands a car and because many are poor, they simply save money by living together. Many people with cars living together means the lawn becomes a parking lot, utterly demeaning the home in the midst of a park the suburbs were meant to be.

    Hialeah could be turned around SO easily with little money by closing landmark streets on weekends to create a festival experience for walkers/bikers, planting more trees to make the pedestrian experience better, etc. But as long as there many non-English speakers who’ll move to Hialeah regardless, there isn’t much incentive to change.


  5. Hannah P. says:

    This is bizarre and embarrassing for the city of Hialeah, but should we really be surprised? Where is this sign located anyway? Unless it is posted on the interstate, it is just dumb.


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