…downtown may look something like this:


Thanks to livable streets advocate and downtown resident, Brad Knoefler, for the image.

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8 Responses to Pic O’ The Day (If the FEC corridor was used for commuter rail…)

  1. Adron says:

    The FEC Corridor, wow, Flagler would be stoked.

    That corridor would be the prime use ROW for the entire JAX to Miami route. If the state of Florida would really get behind some high speed rail, it would be a prime candidate for the entire Florida east coast. I mean, all that is need is to drop a dual main line high speed set of tracks next to FEC in the ROW, pay a decent chunk of $$ to FEC, hell, even contract the service to em’ or let them bid it.

    Having that level of service in Florida actually gets me thinking about visiting again, pending of course they get the service going. :)


  2. Andy Moore says:

    Awesome picture


  3. Steve says:

    That pic isn’t totally representative of it… there would be more pedestrians and TOD along the way as well.


  4. Juan Felipe says:

    Hopefully, this day comes in the near future.


  5. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    The stuff dreams are made of.


  6. Blind Mind says:

    Exactly, this is a dream that, with our current leaders, is unlikely to become a reality. Hopes are high though!


  7. Mike Lydon says:

    …by the way, some readers thought this was done in photoshop…it’s real!


  8. TransitDave says:

    Just imagine if the train were a sleek european DMU, with neck-snapping acceleration for more frequent stops, and, as pointed out above by steve, more pedestrians, and transit-oriented developments in the picture……….Ah, what could be………


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