Did you know Miami once had a streetcar trolley network that was one of the most efficient and extensive in the developed world at the time?

The map below shows where Miami’s trolley network went in 1925, back when the area population was around 200,000. Today’s Miami-Dade population is approximately 2.5 million. The green lines show our current Metrorail and MetroMover lines, which pale in comparison to the connectivity we enjoyed in the era of the Miami streetcar (1916-1940), indicated by the lines in other colors.

Miami's Historic Streetcar Lines

To attract people and business in the 21st century, the Miami of the future should look a lot like the Miami of the past.

Thanks to Rogelio Madan from the City of Miami for providing.

Miami Trolley #238

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6 Responses to Pic O’ The Day - Miami Back To The Future

  1. John says:

    Awesome map! It’s amazing how quickly these were put up and how long it takes us to get just ONE Metro station to the airport. SMH


  2. Anonymous says:

    What happened to the Miami Streetcar anyway? At least that would have connected downtown to to Midtown unlike the useless new “Miami Trolley.”


  3. Sean Bossinger says:

    If you visit Segovia street in Coral Gables, north of Bird, south of Biltmore Wy, you’ll see a monument there to the Coral Gables streetcar line that was uncovered during recent construction there.


  4. Sean - thanks for the tip! Going to check that out ASAP!


  5. […] System used to be? It was probably quadruple what we have today, in our fair city. check this out link In short, yeah building a area with huge shiny billboards, that look like something off the strip […]


  6. Alex Baquero-Lima says:

    Private companies ran the trolleys back then…


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