It’s always a fun experience to ride the Metrorail following a major community event, especially following the annual Corporate Run.

This year marked the run’s 27th anniversary. Apart from being a great community- and team-building event, the Corporate Run also never fails to highlight how convenient travelling via transit really is.

The picture below gives a glimpse of just how packed the train was following the 5-kilometer run.

It's always nice to see our Metrorail at maximum capacity. More rail please . . .

People realize that when roads are packed, the most viable and efficient way to move around the city is with trains and buses. And these days, it’s rare to find streets in our community that aren’t congested.

Let’s stop wasting our tax dollars on expanding highway and road systems that leave us trapped in metallic boxes on four wheels and start investing our tax dollars in rail and public transit systems.

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7 Responses to Pic o’ the day: The Corporate Run Metrorail

  1. John says:

    Awesome photo! I love it. I used to love when UM played at the Orange Bowl and the Metro would be packed with fans heading to the stadium. Imagine if FIU had a Metro station, that line would be packed, especially on game days at FIU Stadium!


  2. Meghan says:

    Soon this will be a daily visual on the train.


  3. B says:

    Unfortunately, the Metromover can not keep up with downtown Miami’s ever-increasing event crowds. People were waiting 5 minutes outside Bayfront Park Station before they could even get upstairs to the platform! Surprisingly, very few people walked the 15 minutes or so from Bayfront to Govt. Center. The Metromover is fine for every day rush hour and getting around downtown, but it just does not have the capacity for event crowds, at least if they insist on running it on the “regular” schedule.

    What do you all think of some combination of: Encouraging people to walk if possible, shuttles, and running the Mover “express” and more frequently before/after events? How can we make this happen??


  4. Eddy says:

    ^ Maybe they should coordinate with the City of Miami and complement with the “Trolley” buses. It would take the City and the County to work together though…


  5. Brandt A. says:

    If Tri-Rail/FDOT/whoever else is involved could stop dilly-dallying and bring the commuter service to the FEC line already, it would be just as packed.

    The current buses that run parallel to it (3, 16, 93) are way over capacity during rush hour, and too slow (even 93 which is a limited stop service).


  6. B says:

    ^Agree 100%!! I wouldn’t have had to park downtown and take Metromover, I would have been on a packed train going north instead! I have plenty of experience with the 93, it’s already slow enough, and after 7:18 pm you have to take the 3, which is just plain misery…


  7. TransitDave says:

    B hits the nail on the head about the Mover, MDT needs to be more flexible and start running 2 car trains on the outer loops during rush hour and special events. As for the metrorail, It’s special events like the Corporate Run and rush hours that the difference between light and heavy rail is seen…….It’s also an advantage that won’t be truly significant until we have another 50-75 miles of Metrorail…….Which will never happen until we have real charter reform. Then we can start a reform movement for the PTP……..


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