With all the hype about how many ‘units’ have sold and how much ‘inventory’ is left in downtown, it’s hard to overlook how these ‘dense’ developments are nothing more than vertical suburbs. Why walk around the city when you can live in a “lushly landscaped gated waterfront community”? Gag.  The PR machine is in full swing touting recent condo sales as part of the revitalization of downtown…but you only have to look to the nearest bus shelter (like the one below) to see the reality.


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5 Responses to Pic O’ the Day (this one will make you gag)

  1. Walter Ward says:

    This is the first time I don’t get the connection.


  2. C says:

    Oh come on. URBAN living in a GATED community. I noticed this like two months ago when they put them up.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The ‘Riverfront’ has been marketed like that for years… but really what’s the point, each one of those buildings is its own gated enclave.


  4. Mike Moskos says:

    Don’t see any of the advertised “lushly landscaped” in the ad. All I see is concrete and glass. I guess the ad agency didn’t see the irony.

    Also, any urban community that needs to be gated is probably in a part of town that’s perceived to be too unsafe to walk around in-who would want to live there?


  5. John says:

    We need to eliminate parking requirements in Miami. Buildings like Loft 1 or Loft 2 show a glimpse of what contemporary city living can be without a car. If I’m not mistaken, it’s hard to find an apartment there.


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