Our Pic O’ the Day brings us back home to downtown Miami. Below you are looking at Wind by Neo, as shot from the Miami Avenue bridge. During the last Bike Miami Days I was tipped off that because the neighboring property owner was in foreclosure and therefore would not be building anytime soon, the city/developer of Wind sought to improve the blank white wall staring at the Miami River. Apparently, the best they could do was paint a parking garage mural….on the parking garage. I think Miami just one-upped itself.

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7 Responses to Pic(s) ‘O the Day

  1. joel says:

    LOL, this is amazing.


  2. Chris says:

    I think the neighboring property was going to be Cima which has the same developer as Wind, Neo.


  3. Mike Lydon says:

    Interesting. It’s really too bad about the foreclosure, but Miami doesn’t need another generic condo downtown just yet. However, it could certainly have traded up for a better, more interesting mural. We have enough of the real thing, so we didn’t have to advertising our car-centric city some more.


  4. Kevin says:

    LMAO, great find! :)


  5. Tony Garcia says:

    They could have let some talented local artist showcase their work. What a great opportunity for a private developer to enrich the civic realm - and it would have cost the same. Too bad.


  6. Ha ha ha ha…

    That is Hideous!


  7. Adam says:

    I can’t believe I missed this gem, amazing!


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