Nearly six months ago, TransitMiami was proud to offer the broader public an exclusive first glimpse of the renderings for some of the potential designs for our new Metrorail train cars.

As we described back in December 2012, the three models are:

  • RING
Vehicle: Spoon  |  Livery: Neon  |  Interior: Blue/Magenta

Vehicle: Spoon | Livery: Neon | Interior: Blue/Magenta

Vehicle: Ring  |  Livery: Shark  |  Interior: Yellow, Grey-Blue

Vehicle: Ring | Livery: Shark | Interior: Yellow, Grey-Blue

Vehicle: Shield  |  Livery: Status  |  Interior: Red, White

Vehicle: Shield | Livery: Status | Interior: Red, White

Each comes with its own distinctive livery. (Note that there’s also a variant, predominantly yellow, livery for the “RING” model that can be seen in the original post.)

We also want to bring your attention to AnsaldoBredo’s spiffy little 3-minute computer-animated video giving a cordial (albeit far from riveting) view of how these potential new train cars might look on the inside.

SHIELD is the train model featured in the video . . . Have a look! Share your thoughts!

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6 Responses to A Better Look at Miami’s Potential New Train Cars

  1. Stephen says:

    Good start. Hope we see magnetic levitation rail soon!


  2. Gables says:

    I have two comments:
    1. I think it’s hilarious that the video shows an advertisement for Jeep on the interior wall of the train. If people are riding transit, do we really want to convince them to buy vehicles to drive instead of continuing to ride the train?

    2. This video is probably the only time any of us will ever see the exterior of the train. Once they arrive, I have no doubt Miami-Dade Transit will cover them with shrink-wrapped advertising.


  3. adam says:

    I really like the red satin seat upholstery.


  4. Mike Moskos says:

    Two things: I wonder how comfortable those seats will be. Secondly, the bike racks are really important. MDT recent move to remove a section of seats to provide more space for bikes, people with carts, and those in wheelchairs was great, but because they are in the center of the space between the doors, they create a logistics problem as people maneuver into those spaces, particularly when the trains are standing room only.


  5. Diego Lucas says:

    Continuing on what Mike Moskos said, I think some more room for bikes and standing riders is probably smart. Since MDT removed those seats for bikes, I always see if used by bikers and standing riders.

    Seats take up a lot of space and as ridership continues to rise, trains are going to get busier. Seats are a premium. If we can remove some for the sake of fitting more standing riders, I’m all for it.

    P.S. I wish the station in the video were a shot of a new Metro line to Design District or South Beach. -sigh- One may dream, right?


  6. Afi K. James says:

    Thank god for the new metrorail.


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