Friend of and the Purple Line | U+Transit pop-up installation,  Leah Weston, put together a fantastic map that puts Miami’s rail transit into national and international perspective. Have a look!

As Weston says, “the image speaks for itself”.

Miami Transit in Perspective

Go ahead and click on it. The enlarged version is much better.

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5 Responses to Putting Miami’s Transit in Perspective

  1. Only when we stop comparing Miami to Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Tokyo, etc. will we be able to get a sense of what Miami should be. Only then can we get a realistic perspective.

    Miami has nothing in common, especially in terms of topography and human development, with those ancient places.

    Only when we stop expecting Miami to “grow up” to be something it can never be will we be able to get beyond the pre-adolescent stage of a child pretending to be a fashion model.

    I am a great advocate and user of public transportation, but no one can make thoughtful, appropriate, natural decisions while suffering from deep delirium.


  2. Dave says:

    A better comparison would be comparing Miami to other cities that built their systems recently (like Miami).

    Both put our sad little single line to shame.


    Los Angeles:


  3. JJJJ says:

    Well to be fair, Miami has had the largest % growth in system length in the past 2 years than most other systems!


  4. Gables says:

    Here’s another thing to consider. The Dallas area has 5 light rail lines, totaling 85 miles, and an average weekday ridership of 75,000. Miami has only 23 miles of Metrorail and an average weekday ridership of 70,000. To get people excited about building, riding, and funding transit, you have to turn the conversation around. Instead of focusing on the bad, highlight the good parts about our transit system.


  5. Mike Moskos says:

    Or think of this way, every trip your friends take in a car is preventing you from having the transit system you want.


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