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According to Metro Magazine Miami-Dade Transit has been honored by the National Association of Counties for their Train Tracker service.

If you have not already check out the Train Tracker by visiting and click “Where is the Train?” in the left navigation bar under “Rider Tools.” If using a mobile device, visit

Congrats MDT!

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The March issue of Popular Science has an intriguing article on some innovative options for human powered transportation. Among these is the Human Car, powered by up to four people riding in it; the Velomobile, a single passenger recumbent tricycle with an aerodynamic fairing to slice through the air; and even a human powered monorail. That last one is pretty far out there, though I don’t know how the magazine missed that someone has already built a concept track. Hit up the Agroventures amusement park to ride it if you ever visit New Zealand.

If you don’t have a hard copy of the magazine available, I highly recommend reading the article at this website.

The video below gives you a chance to see my favorite one, the Velomobile, in action. I have often pondered the viability of an aerodynamic fairing on a commuter bicycle, and it turns out these sleek machines make it possible for an average person to zip to their destination at speeds of 30 mph. Not to mention providing protection from rain and a little more protection from wild drivers in the event of an accident.

Transit Miami reader Stephen Malagodia has created a Twitter hashtag called “Tri-rail.” Those with Twitter accounts can now give and receive updates on a train’s status by simply telling Twitter to “follow hashtags”. Then tweet “#tri-rail <your message>. Users will then receive updates from other riders. Although this will only work if other riders participate, it promises to be a helpful tool for those riding the rails. So start tweeting tri-railers, and let us know how it goes.
If you need more help with hashtags, go to
Thanks to Stephen for taking the initiative.

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