An estimated 4000 bicyclists and pedestrians showed up this morning for the Key Biscayne Memorial Bike Ride to pay their respects to Christophe Le Canne, the bicyclist that was killed last Sunday by a hit and run driver.

Bicyclists came from as far as the west coast of Florida, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. I hope our elected officials are listening to us. Our unified voices will only become stronger. We will be writing more about what this means for the cycling community in Miami and South Florida.

A special thank you to the County Public Works Department and the Miami Dade, Key Biscayne and Miami Police Departments; without them this event would not have been possible.

21 Responses to Thousands Attend the Key Biscayne Memorial Bike Ride

  1. Sandra Tabraue says:



  2. Wayne Timpkins says:

    People should ride or drive over to Club Space on NE 11th Street. Club Space is still serving drinks to youths all morning and all afternoon. Demand someone shut that place down before someone else gets killed.


  3. Walter says:

    Excellent! Those pictures are beautiful. I can tell you that cyclists around the country have followed this story and are thrilled at the turn out of the Miami cycling community.

    Great job!


  4. caru says:

    Amazing!!!! This is an awesome scene, to see so many cyclists in the community come together like this! I hope we can keep this unity going, to fight for justice and make sure Bertonatti goes to jaik, to fight for more lane closures on the weekends, to fight for our right to share the road…
    My condolences to Mr. LeCanne’s family…


  5. @j2dahizzay says:

    You make me proud to be a cyclist. Thanks Miami.


  6. Mike says:

    I was moved by how many people showed up for the ride! I have been riding on Key Biscayne every weekend for the last 15 years, and have had many close calls with motorists who are not paying attention. As I was leaving to go home, in front of the Mast Acadamy, a Lamorghine was following behind me. As he was turning, he punched the accelator, and almost rolled his car in front of me, but recovered. There were cyclists in the bike lane when this occurred, that could of been victims. I was so outraged at the driver at his carelessness, on this day that a fallen cyclist was being memorialized.


  7. brody says:

    This is really cool, and I’m so proud of the Miami cycling community for showing such solidarity! I hope the Miami government finally realizes how important the safety of bicyclists is that they will start building dedicated bike lanes throughout the city to avoid future sad events like this. Thank you for everyone that showed up, it’s so awesome!


  8. Felipe Azenha says:

    It’s a South Florida thang, it ain’t just a Miami thang anymore.


  9. Luis A says:

    Something is missing here: for longtime residents who remember the long history of investigative journalism that the Herald is known for, why has there not been one article with sources in the 911/county dispatch to tell us what really happened with the 20 minute response delay.

    All the Herald has in four articles are a couple of politicians making statements, passing the blame, which should not suffice in an event of this nature, an event that has touched some many in the community.

    Here is what I think they should write about:

    Was the Mutual Aid response program made aware to dispatchers at 911/county/city?

    Who dropped the ball? The Herald said that 911 sent the call to county, since it was in their territory, but did the Mutual Aid response program state 911 should have called KB FR instead, or was that county dispatch’s job once they got the call and they flubbed it?

    KB FR said they would have responded if called, and they were 3 minutes away.

    Were the dispatchers even notified of this program prior to the accident? Did the the mutual aid response program instructions make its way clearly to the dispatch team? If so, did the dispatch supervisor make sure his crew clearly knew how to respond?

    What if there had been a wall after all separating bikers from the road, and a biker punctures or falls and splits his face on the edge of the barrier, or some serious accident/bike collision had happened instead that caused serious injury, or a cardiovascular incident?

    The blame for Christophe’s accident lies squarely on the shoulders of the driver.

    As to his death? that will be something that we may see argued in the judicial system for some time to come, speculation that would not have been necessary if….a dispatcher somewhere had speed dialed the right number


  10. dario says:

    Yes, we need more investigative journalism and yes, the drunken driver is responsible for Mr. La Canne’s death but no, this tragedy is not so simple. Response related problems have been documented and will be dealt with. 4,000 cyclists demonstrated their concern yesterday because elected officials and the general public need to pay closer attention to the safety concerns of bicyclists, runners, walkers and, well, pretty much everyone brave enough to break their automobile dependency. Even the Rickenbacker Causeway, a mecca for bicyclists all over South Florida, hasn’t been made safe by local government. Why hasn’t the speed limit been dropped to 30 mph? Is a 2 min increase in drive time worth even more lives? Why haven’t barriers been erected? Not enough bicyclists?


  11. Roughly says:

    I am under the impression that most cycle goups that train on the key don’t want barrier walls, as I’ve seen them take over the whole causeway, and that wouldn’t be possible if there were walls containing them to a 5 foot lane.
    If walls were put up, i’d like to see the existing wall dividing bikes peds removed, and see a painted divider on street, this would give a wider non-motorized trail.


  12. Johnny Remigio says:

    Miami has made me so proud! I am so happy the turnout was so great. Instead of focusing on closing clubs and limiting drinking hours, we need to increase the severity of the consequences associated with DUI’s. Hefty fines, community service, and jail time should be the tip of the iceberg for the violators.

    We make thousands of decisions every single day. Drinking and driving is a choice. Punish them.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Imagine a protected 10-12 bicycle lane. Pelotons need to begin respecting other bicyclists, pedestrians and cars.


  14. Anonymous says:

    I meant to say a 10-12 foot protected bicycle lane. Sorry.


  15. […] bike lane, and asking a cop why the bike lane is blocked. Thousands of riders turn out to honor the cyclist killed by an intoxicated musician in Miami last week. Lance finishes 25th in the Tour Down Under, and […]


  16. Lisa says:

    It was awesome… I was surprised it didn’t make the first page of the Miami Herald… a thousand people showing up for a demonstration would normally make the front page,, don’t you think?


  17. Grayson Peddie says:

    I tried to activate my account at Miami Herald, but so far they have not sent me an an e-mail containing activation instructions. I’m a new user as of about a couple of days ago…


  18. Guy Mazzone says:

    Yesterday(1-24-2010) was another reminder of how fragile life is. I didn’t see just thousands of cyclist. I saw cyclists from thousands of families!


  19. Anonymous says:

    My condolences to the family of Lacanne.
    I want people to know that the fact that the driver was drunk makes him totally guilty period.

    I also want to say that i dont think it should be a surprise for accidents like these hahppening particularly in the key biscayne area.
    For the individual or group cyclists who ride within the boudaries permitted by the official bike lane i applaud you, but i wan to make clear and by the way i drive to and from key biscayne almost evryday, that there alot of group cyclists who deliberately abust the bike lane they are supposed to conform with and when they are in packs they occupy half a lane if not more that are meant ONLY for automobiles!

    if you want to prevent accidents then stick to the BIKE LANE
    dont go horizontally parrallel one to another just become you are in big numbers! RESPECT your lane , meaning if you are 10,20, 30, 40, i dont give a damn, then go one after another vertically , and not like a huge ball occupying car lanes!


  20. Anonymous says:

    Legally bicyclists have the right to occupy an entire lane.


  21. Ricardo M says:

    Is anyone taking action to close down Club Space the open all night and open all day “club” where the driver spent his time immediately before getting in his vehicle and killing a biker?


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