ProtestersRick Scott certainly has not made himself popular among transit supporters by rejecting high speed rail funding, holding up Orlando’s SunRail, and criticizing Tri-Rail. His unpopularity extends beyond transit aficionados, as his proposed budget cutbacks affect many people. Last night, 10,000 to 15,000 people demonstrated across the state, protesting his cuts. From 750 to 1,300 people congregated along Broward Blvd. in downtown Fort Lauderdale, chanting “Recall Scott” and “They say cutback, we say fight back.” CourthouseWhile anti-Scott protesters covered three street corners and spread about a block down Broward Blvd. at Third Ave., 60 to 100 Tea Party supporters congregated on the remaining corner in front of the First Baptist Church. Tea Party
Police closed portions of Third Ave. and Broward Blvd. as the crowd swelled. In the video below you can hear the protesters chanting and see them swarming across the street as they did nearly every time the police allowed people to cross.

The Sun-Sentinel article points out that some of the protesters were out because of Scott’s rejection of rail funding, while a Tea Party counterprotester called for Scott to kill SunRail as well. As long as Scott and other libertarians are convinced that subsidizing highways is OK, but subsidizing transit is wasteful, we will remain divided on transportation infrastructure spending.

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8 Responses to Thousands Protest Rick Scott

  1. UDB says:

    How about this news on HSR that came out today- . Amazing how Rick Scott made this rail decision before the study was complete. Our governor is quickly cementing his rightful place as the biggest fraud and huckster ever.


  2. Tony Garcia says:

    Great observations JM.


  3. JM Palacios says:

    Just got home and noticed the video wasn’t working. Sorry, hard to get embedded video done right on a phone… Should be attached now.


  4. LG says:

    It was on NPR this morning too where an economist said this is the right time to look at HSR and states should take an opportunity of that. What a shame… I hope more peaceful protests come about, we need our voices heard.


  5. Vanessa says:

    I cannot believe what this guy is up to. He is planning on increasing Citizens Insurance up to 25% a year. That is lunacy. Citizens is the last choice for insurance for millions. What happens to people who cannot pay?


  6. Mustafa says:


    Its called “transfer of wealth”. This is where they give tax cuts to business and the wealthy. To make up for the short fall in taxes they tax middle and working class and or raise fees on things to make the difference. This is what this boils down to at the end of the day. I think people should look at Mr. Scott and see who bank rolled his campaign, who is he beholden to? This may help to explain why he did what he did in terms of HSR. I hope people wake up before its to late. Other wise people are going to find themselves poorer and poorer as their income goes to paying for taxes the rich are no longer paying. Everyone needs to pay their fair share other wise this because a issue of inequality.


    People should go watch “Inside Job”


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  8. […] more private sector jobs, there was no mention of the innovative public-private partnerships that would have come about from High Speed Rail or […]


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