We have some good Rickenbacker Causeway news to report this week.

A Transit Miami Shout-Out goes to Commissioner Carlos Gimenez. Commissioner Gimenez has proposed a resolution to conduct an analysis of the current expenditure of toll revenue generated by the Rickenbacker Causeway and to develop a work plan to allocate 25 cents of every toll collected to projects promoting pedestrian and bicyclist safety along the Rickenbacker Causeway. This proposed resolution will go to the full County Commission next month.

This is a great fist step Commissioner Gimenez! Keep up the good work. Commissioners Jose Diaz, Sally Heyman, and Rebeca Sosa co-sponsored the resolution.  Please contact Commissioner Gimenez and thank him for his initiative.

The Miami Police Department also deserves a Transit Miami Shout-Out. Ever since the deadly accident on Bear Cut Bridge last month, the Miami Police Department has been noticeably present on the Rickenbacker Causeway.  They have stepped-up enforcement in a major way; increased enforcement plays an important role to ensure the safety of all users on the Rickenbacker Causeway. Thank you MPD!  Keep up the great work. Check out the pictures of the MPD in action on the Rickenbacker Causeway this morning

Officers from the Miami Police Department lined up to catch speeding motorists.

Slow down pretty girl in the Porsche Cayenne. What’s your rush?

9 Responses to Transit Miami Shout-Out: Commissioner Gimenez and the Miami Police Department

  1. John says:

    I have e-mailed the MPD and Commissioner Gimenez praising both for their efforts to make Miami a safer city =)


  2. Ric says:

    Perhaps Carlos Gimenez could propose closing Club Space the so-called club open 24/7? Club Space seems to be where all the killers and murderers go before someone is killed. That would be a public service.


  3. Adam says:

    Wouldn’t bikers (and others) be safer if Club Space was closed for good?

    Seriously, what do people think is happening in Club Space from 3:00 am in the morning to 2:00 pm in the afternoons? Ever see people leaving Club Space in daylight? Stumbling or worse?


  4. Curtis says:

    Cut the red tape and get things done. There is no valid reason the Rickenbacher causeway (and every other causeway on a public road) shouldn’t use Sunpass; this will reduce congestion and improve efficiency.


  5. SRB says:

    Just from another perspective Winter Music Conference happens here every year and is a boost to the economy. Club Space even if I am not a patron, it is a Mecca for the trance world. I’d say rather than close it down, just have the off duty cops that they should be hiring arresting people as leave to their cars.
    Also, from a transit perspective if we had better mass transit options people wouldn’t be so dependent on their cars and would be less likely to drive home from the club.
    In every large city you see kids drunk or othered out of their minds but they don’t need cars and can safely get home using transit. So rather than pinpointing one club that you may not frequent does not solve the larger problem.


  6. Cyclist says:

    I love the cop car parked in the bike lane. Rather than setting up the trap and pulling them off to the side, they are pulling cars over in the bike lane.


  7. Biker says:

    Club Space should be shut down and bikers should lead the effort.

    If there is one place that is not pedestrian friendly and downright dangerous to bikers and innocent civilians it is Club Space. For example, no one walks to Club Space. Everyone drives there and a few people drive long distances. Imagine all those drunks and druggies on the road? Of course, every few months they will kill innocent bikers. Predictable.


  8. alex says:

    Please ask Commissioner Gimenez to add bicycle lanes on Sunset Drive and Coral Way between Red Road and 37th Ave. Both are planned for repaving- Sunset Road job # 20090110, Coral Way job # 20090056.

    Ask FDOT why Bird Road and Sunset Drive is not including bike lanes in their resurfacing projects. WE HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO FELLOW CYCLISTS. Do not get stuck on one road’s improvements. Those 4 roads would create a grid across Coral Gables in additonal to Alhambra that already has bike lanes.


  9. Biker Advocate says:

    The clubs and liquor sellers on 11th Street in Miami stay open 24 hours a day on weekends. Customers doing drugs? Getting drunk? Police calls? Customers leaving these places have killed innocent people. Maybe Carlos Gimenez will investigate?


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