The Miami Hurricane is reporting that Marie Cushmore, a senior at the University of Miami was struck by a Ford Expedition while crossing U.S. 1 and Mariopsa Court last Wednesday around 9:30pm.

Unfortunately, this is not the first accident here. According to The Miami Hurricane this intersection has had a history of accidents involving UM student pedestrians. About five years ago, UM student Ashley Kelly was killed when she was hit by a SUV that ran a red light on U.S. 1 and Mariposa Court.

It gets worse. Since 1990, seven students have been struck crossing Ponce de Leon Boulevard and U.S. 1. Three of the incidents have resulted in death.

There has been talk of building a pedestrian overpass across U.S. 1 at Mariposa. I for one hope this never gets built.  Building a pedestrian overpass is not the solution as most people will not to use it and will continue to cross at grade level.  The solution is to calm traffic in this area. It is unrealistic to expect healthy students to safely cross 6 lanes of traffic while cars are moving in excess of 50 mph. Can you imagine how an elderly person or someone with a physical disability must feel trying to cross U.S 1? How many more pedestrians need to die before FDOT decides to calm traffic on U.S. 1?

Please send an email to Mr. Gus Pego District 6 secretary letting him know that you are not satisfied with the existing conditions on U.S. 1.

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5 Responses to University of Miami Student Struck by SUV Crossing U.S. 1

  1. Sad says:

    I am very sad and angry to see this, this is a very sad event. I had attended a BPAC meeting probably 2 years ago in which it was shown a catwalk/ped bridge over US-1 at Mariposa. I am unsure why that has not moved forward, as now there should be more of reason to place it there.


  2. Felipe Azenha says:

    I respectfully disagree Sad. A pedestrian bridge is not the solution. For starters it is very expensive to erect one and we would have to erect a pedestrian bridge on just about every other block, as most of US 1 is not pedestrian friendly. A much cheaper and better solution is to create a more pedestrian friendly US 1. This could be done by narrowing travel lane, improved crosswalks and signalization. In areas where pedestrian activity is very high ( i.e. UM, metrorail stations, sunset, dadeland) raised crosswalks should be considered to calm traffic. This would give pedestrians at least a fighting chance to cross US1. Much cheaper too.


  3. Adam Mizrahi says:

    I agree Felipe. I don’t know many people that are going to walk up and down a giant staircase just to cross the street - it is hot and rains in Miami.

    The only case in which I have seen pedestrian bridges work is when they are going over a highway with a dividing wall, in which pedestrians have no other option.


  4. Anonymous says:

    When I went to UM and crossed U.S. 1 regularly, I never crossed at the light. I would use an opening in the chain link fence along the Metrorail parking lot to cross midblock between Mariposa and Stanford Drive… crossing midblock is safer as you have no turning traffic, and you will naturally cross when there is an adequate gap in traffic, rather than taking your chances at a crosswalk assuming that turning drivers will yield and/or not run a red light. After the Ashley Kelly incident, the chain link fence was replaced with more sturdy medal pickets and signs warning to cross only at crosswalks, which is absolutely *not* the problem.


  5. Liz Hamilton says:

    First let me say I really enjoy this blog.

    I frequently cross U.S. 1 at crosswalks by bicycle. A pedestrian bridge wouldn’t be used by cyclists like me. I wish that there were no right turn on red on U.S. 1. Traffic calming measures would be wonderful too.


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