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As many of our readers know, Brickell Avenue is due for some major work. FDOT will begin a drainage and resurfacing project in early 2011. This long overdue project is finally coming to fruition, however, the only improvements FDOT is considering for this project is the resurfacing and drainage upgrade. This would be a perfect opportunity for FDOT to consider reducing the high speed limit, adding crosswalks and including bicycle sharrows. Unfortunately, FDOT does not believe any of these upgrades are necessary.

We here at Transit Miami caught wind of this upcoming project and have been busy building a coalition of residents, businesses, and other organizations to reduce the speed limit on Brickell  Avenue.  A few weeks ago we met with Commissioner Sarnoff and Mayor Regalado. We are happy to report that both the Mayor and the Commissioner support a reduced speed limit. Unfortunately, they both informed us that there is not much they can do since Brickell Avenue is a state road; therefore the city of Miami has no jurisdiction over it.

Both Commissioner Sarnoff and Mayor Regalado suggested we speak to Representative Luis Garcia. So we went ahead and did so. Representative Garcia told us that he would do everything in his power to generate a response from FDOT. (Mr. Gus Pego, FDOT District 6 secretary, received our letter almost a month and a half ago but has not responded). Representative Garcia also suggested that we meet with Mayor Regalado and Commissioner Sarnoff about this issue. We kindly informed Representative Garcia that the reason we were meeting with him was because Mayor Regaldo and Commissioner Sarnoff asked us to do so.

We have reached out to all the stakeholders on Brickell Avenue and all agree with us that speeding is an issue on Brickell. We cannot get FDOT to respond to any of our emails.  Last week, FDOT made this illogical PowerPoint presentation to the Brickell Homeowners Association. They essentially put the blame on the pedestrian for jaywalking. It doesn’t matter that crosswalks are few and far in between. During this presentation they explicitly stated they would not reduce the speed limit, add crosswalks or include sharrows within the scope if this project.

The following organizations support a lower speed limit and a more pedestrian-friendly environment on Brickell Avenue:

Brickell Homeowners Association

Brickell Area Association

South Florida Bike Coalition

Miami DDA

Green Mobility Network

Miami Bicycle Action Committee

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6 Responses to Want a job where you are accountable to no one? Apply at FDOT.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You can’t just change a number on the sign and have drivers slow down. Brickell needs to be rebuilt to a lower design speed. Go tell the MPO to put the complete reconstruction of Brickell into the LRTP.


  2. Adam Mizrahi says:

    While FDOT is partly to blame. Where is the City of Miami on this - they don’t seem to care at all. The City of Miami should be ashamed for just allowing FDOT to do anything they want in the most important and prominent street in Brickell - THE BANKING DISTRICT of Miami.

    They should be forceful on this and demand what every organization with interest in the area wants.


  3. Felipe Azenha says:

    Reducing the speed limit is the first step in the right direction. It is an inexpensive short term solution, which combined with enforcement, will help the current situation. Adding crosswalks and sharrows is also doable. Both are also inexpensive options that will help calm traffic.
    You will find no argument from me that the long term solution is to rebuild Brickell with a lower design speed. But that is a very long term solution which may not get done in my lifetime.
    On a final note, our elected officials and FDOT should go to the MPO to put the reconstruction of Brickell on the LRTP. We shouldn’t have to take the initiative here. The residents and and businesses have spoken, now we need some action to be taken.


  4. c.k.l. says:

    i work on brickell bay drive. trying to leave my building anytime in the day (the worse time is around 5-6pm) is impossible. its hard and frightening to turn left because there is a sharp corner (around 11th and brickell bay) that cars come FLYING through.

    going to lunch isn’t that safe either..although there is a marked pedestrain walking path (im sure it has a proper name)..cars DO NOT stop to let people cross.

    another area which is hell, is coral way and brickell bay drive..good luck making a left or a right..blocked views, cars speeding down the curve…in the 5 years ive been here, im truly amazed people haven’t been killed trying to cross the street, or there haven’t been horrible car accidents (at least not to my knowledge…) stop signs, reduced speed limits and even speedbumps would help make this area pedestrian friendly and safer.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Reducing the speed limit can’t be “the first step in the right direction.” FDOT is not going to reduce the speed below the design speed of a road to calm traffic. Drivers go fast on Brickell because the road is built to do so. Reducing the limit to make drivers slow down won’t work unless the cops are out there every day writing tickets. I would rather have the police doing something more useful than writing speeding tickets.


  6. Felipe Azenha says:


    What should be the first step then? Wait until several people are killed and then react?

    FDOT should have taken the initiative to do this job correctly from the get-go. Their half baked project will eventually have to be fixed and is a complete waste of money.

    Reducing the speed limit, adding crosswalks (preferably raised), and sharrows will help calm traffic. Turning a blind eye to the problem isn’t gonna work.

    We are open to your suggestions. Please post them. Doing nothing is no longer an option and you have yet to offer any ideas. Asking the MPO to put it in the LRTP sounds great in theory, but will probably gather dust sitting on the shelf. Action needs to be taken immediately, not 10 or 20 years from now. The Brickell area will continue to grow and we need a street that can support this growth.


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