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I was up in Brevard County yesterday on business when I got caught in the middle of pure pandemonium on my way home. On my back country drive (I-95 and US-1 were closed, so I was seeking an alternate route) I witnessed people watering their homes/businesses, school evacuations, and extreme congestion.

From the SFWMD:

Effective April 18, 2008
In response to improved regional water resource conditions, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) modified emergency water restrictions across most of the agency’s 16-county region, transitioning from one-day-week landscape irrigation restrictions to two-day-a-week watering.

Guess not! What’s the deal with having a green lawn anyway?

Update: Well apparently the fires were deliberately set and not a direct cause of the lack of rain, but still, whose bright Idea was it to ease the water restrictions when we are still well below our normal rain levels?

Update #2: See, I’m not kidding

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